Full Name
Ezekiel William Martel
Date of Birth
April 7, 1996
Unnamed Father (deceased), Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Romantic Interests
Miranda Etrecree (current girlfriend)

Zeke Martel is an orphaned human male living in modern day Phoenix, Arizona, USA, along with his girlfriend, Miranda Etrecree. A fierce fighter and skilled freerunner, Zeke is currently on a self-imposed quest to find the man who took his parents' lives and end him, as well as to retrieve the Shard of Eden that was stolen from him by the same man. 


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Zeke was born into a relatively wealthy family in Phoenix, Arizona, where he almost immediately became a target of the Templars due to his father's possession of one of the Shards of Eden. Not long after discovering the Shard's defensive properties, Zeke's father strung the ring-like trinket onto a leather strap and gave it to his young son as a necklace in order to protect him. Zeke kept the Shard on him at all times throughtout his childhood and early teenage years, usually wearing the necklace beneath his shirt and refusing to let it out of his sight when he couldn't wear it.

Due to his life-long exposure to a Piece of Eden, Zeke developed an empathy link with the First Civilization member Diana Artemona; the woman who became the inspiration for the Greek and Roman goddess of the moon. When questioned by his friends about the ring, Zeke would claim that it belonged to Diana, but that she was letting him keep it. However, Zeke was the only person who could actually see and communicate with Diana, so everyone he told about her immediately passed the story off as being nothing more than a child's active imagination. His friends and family played along, but to them Diana was simply Zeke's imaginary friend. 

As he grew older, Zeke began to realize that Diana was not something that other people would believe, and that telling people about her would not be wise, as kids in middle and high school do not usually have imaginary friends anymore. While he still conversed with her on occasion, Zeke refused to acknowledge her existence in front of others, and never spoke to her in public places or when other people were around. 

At the age of fourteen, Zeke was enrolled in a high school not far from his house, where he met his current-day girlfriend, Miranda Etrecree. The two quickly became friends, and had developed a mutual attraction for one another by their Sophomore year. In late spring of 2013, about a month after his seventeenth birthday, Zeke came home from school with Miranda in tow, only to discover that his parents had been shot and his house ransacked by a man he'd never met (though he would only later discover that this man was a Templar agent after his Shard of Eden). 

Zeke ordered Miranda to get as far away as possible and call the police, while he stayed behind to draw the man's fire. As the man turned his gun on Miranda in an attempt to prevent her calling the authorities, Zeke jumped between the two, his Shard deflecting the bullet and protecting them both. However, this also told the agent that Zeke had the Shard. The agent managed to incapacitate Zeke with brute force, then took the shard and shot Zeke in each leg to prevent him from following the agent as he made his escape. Miranda had been just quick enough to get the police on the scene and save her boyfriend's life, but the Shard and his parents had been lost. 

As Zeke woke up the next day in a hospital room, a member of the Assassins came to visit him, told him the truth behind what happened, and offered Zeke a chance to avenge his parents and retrieve his prized possession at the same time. Much to Miranda's dismay, Zeke agreed and joined the Brotherhood of Assassins. 

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