Zan Bix'lo Serta
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Zan Bix'lo Serta is a member of a mercenary organization called the Snake Followers. He did not have many friends because they would usually try to kill him for his money. He would always come out on top. He was also a master of seduction and tirckery. He was prnounced dead during the time that Altair killed Al Mualim. However many people claim to have seen him roaming the streets of Damascus. A citizen meeting led to everybody believing that Zan was and is alive. They rounded up a search party and began to look for him. They did find his home. When they broke in they did not find him, but several corpses instead. All of which were citizens. They found traces of slashing and stabbing wounds. The last thing that they found was a letter. It said that he had found a way to cheat death and has gone into hiding. The search party went home. But each day one member would be found dead. Until one was left. This last person ran from the city. The next day a group of villagers found his body. A throwing knife sticking out of his back and head. Zan's current whereabouts and condition are unkown.