Ubisoft has confirmed a 3 part episodic DLC for AC3 called the tyranny of king Washington, which is confirmed to be an alternate history of events leading up to the end of American revolution and after. In our history he became president but in this DLC he becomes king and becoming the thing he was fighting to get rid of And in conclusion he turns against connor and nobody is unaffected from the war

My theories are from basic knowledge of Washington

He didn't want power he just wanted to return to his farm after the war And he was compared to this guy in Rome for when they needed a dictator in Rome they will call him in he will sorted out the problem, he gave up the power and went back to his farm, But my theory is that they did the samething with Julius caeser but he liked the power and inforced it on people. And in the era they were talking about adopting the feudal system but they ended up taking the more Roman system with empowering The people As well as the Apple having something to do with it I also throught that he was thinking about the patriot forces he lead in the war what will happen to them and so he becomes king and they become the kings malitia or kings patriots or something like that I'm not exactly sure all I know is that he will be king and he will be evil

As well I keep imagining Connor changing his Attire for this DLC trilogy

In addiction it say "nobody will be untouched" does that mean in liberation there will be a similar DLC with Aveline in king Washington controlled New Orleans

The tyranny of king Washington will be a 3 part episodic DLC which will include new single player campaign and side quests as well as new multiplayer characters and maps But they said this will be 3 of 5 DLCs to come so which will include single player and multiplayer content each So what do u guys think of my theory and what can your theories be in addition what do you think the future DLC will be like --IrishAussieAssassin (talk) 12:26, October 10, 2012 (UTC) IrishAussieAssassin

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