The Red Warriors of Acre


Tauil A'Ismad
Date Formed
Date Collapsed
Notable Members


Abbas Sofian (briefly)

The Red Warriors of Acre, also known as The Red Brotherhood and The Betrayers, is a small Assassins Cult who betrayed the Assassin Order and are considered enemies to the Brotherhood. The group was formed by Tauil A'Ismad in 1194 who was banished by Altair Ibn-La'Ahad for murdering a fellow assassin and being suspected of helping the Templars.

By 1200, the cult had gained hundreds of members and supporters. The cult hired many spies to infiltrate Maysaf and find out information about the Assassins in order to invade them. In 1203, The Red Warriors attemped to invade Maysaf, but was unsuccessful in the end. The Red Warriors officially collapsed the day Tauil A'Ismad was assassinated by Altair.

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