A group of 5 Assassins experienced in the skill of killing. They are unknown to other Assassins and infamous to the Templars

     Thumb: Uni Sforza
     Index Finger: Jane Parker
     Middle Finger: Brian Parker
     Ring Finger: Avi Parx
     Pinky: Nick Robidoux

Uni SforzaEdit

The leader of the group and descendant of Caterina Sforza, he's good with guns and free running skills. He first gained his suit and seal at the age of 20, 10 years ago, and mastered his specialties. Uni has a fatherly affection towards Avi knowing how young he is and how much he has to take in. Uni is most noticed for his ghost white hair and same color, silk assassin suit

Jane ParkerEdit

Her beauty is as deadly as her blade often scouting as a prostitute to get information or go in for the kill. She has the ability of eagle vision like her twin brother, Brian. Jane is the best at free running in the group and is nicknamed "The Ghost of Venus" by the enemy Templars.

Brian ParkerEdit

The heavy and Jane's twin brother, he mostly uses longswords and is not afraid to get loud. Uni found him and his sister on the streets using their eagle vision to steal from others. He went into the Animus later after Uni made one and took them to a safe place.

Avi ParxEdit

Avi was once apart of Abstergo. He believed everything they told him as he was only 16 at the time and extremely scared of what would happen if he didn't listen. He started a session but was taken to the Syndicate's safe house while in progress and explained everything that is really going on. Avi finishes his ancestors' pasts learning their skills Four years later, he takes in his suit and uses his skills of a hidden blade to the test finally killing his first real Templar.

Nick RobidouxEdit

The final finger of the group and a close friend to Avi. Nick is an Assassin in training still using the Animus to learn from his Canadian ancestors. Nick likes to talk a lot which annoys the rest at times.