Rihab Riyadh II is the Merchant King livinng in Acre. He rarely leaves his Castle, and he currently is on the top of the Assassination List.

Rihab Riyadh II
Rihab Riyadh II
210 lbs.
Merchant King
Current Status

Appearance Edit

Rihab is a quite a large man who wears a red shirt and red pants, covered by a long white robe. He wears a large crown and carries a scepter, justifying that he is a "real" king. He has short black hair and black eyes. Rihab has shown to carry the symbol for the Templar on his back.

Personality Edit

A greedy, ruthless man Rihab is nothing but scum. He uses his Money for himself and often gains it illegaly or extorting citizens with the soldiers he hired. He isn't above killing citizens and has once before called a hit on a part of Acre's poor district, who were living on the street.

Abilities Edit

Influnence- He had multiple connections with the Templar, so when he gained the role of Merchant King the Templar sent him many guards to protect him. He also has links to higher ups throughout Acre and Damascus.

Ruthless Killing Intent- Rihab has no problem killing the poor, rich, or anyone. If he feels they threathen his position, he will have them killed. This is one of the reasons, he was targeted by the Brotherhood.

Quotes Edit

  • "Although I cherish your company, I have to kill you" (Sendign hsi Guards to Kill a Rich Guest, who didn't pay for Rihab's services.)

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