Year Of Birth
Time Peroid
Italian Renaissance
Early Life                                  ==
La Lupo was born into a rich family. But tragedy struck when his father was framed and his entire family was hung for being involved with it. But he escaped from the executioner and got away. He was then found by an assassin named Ezio .He is told that he may join the assassination order, but he must go through with several associations
Prowler's Assassinations

Prowler's Assassinations

first. At La Lupo was going to say no, but he said yes because the executioners were looking for him. Ezio Then took care of them.


Due to fake death moves and sneaky assassinations La Lupo is the last one standing. All the others he killed were other assassins fighting for his same place. He is nicknamed Prowler by Ezio and taken as one of the apprentices.

First MissionEdit

In La Lupo's first mission he is trying to assassinate several political figures trying to hunt down the assassins. Ezio tells him to kill them. He is also given a robe, and all the weapons of a master assassin, even though he is still a novice.
Novice Assassin

Novice Assassin