Patrick James Lowell
Biographical information

July 15, 1996

Time period

Modern Time

Political information

The Assassin Brotherhood
The Irish Assassins

Patrick James Lowell is the older twin brother of James Peter Lowell and is the grandson of the famous Irish Assassin Jessie H. Devlin, who also shared his name and the Great-Grandson of Adrian Devlin the famous Mentor of the Irish Assassins.

Early LifeEdit

Patrick was born in July of 1996 and as such his parents left their Assassin encampment to give their son a better life instead of being forced to become an Assassin, but even at a young age he showed signs of his Assassin bloodline, such as being able to climb trees and out run fellow scouts when he was in Boy Scouts and being able to climb the Bell Tower at his school with ease, as he was growing up he became intersted in video games.
Kirito in his standard uniform

Patrick in his Assassin's Uniform

Into the AnimusEdit

Patrick had chosen to enter the Animus that was created by the Assassin's in his parents former Assassin Compound to relive the memories of his Grandfather who was also named Patrick James Lowell, an Assassin from the 1920s after living his great-grandfather's memories during the early 1900s. 


  • He shares his name with the famous Irish Assassin Patrick James Lowell who is also his grandfather.
  • In AAO Jessie's ablitites in free running and Assassination skills seemed to be enhanced after his time in AAO.
    • This is caused by the small Bleeding effect in AAO via the AruSphere.

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