"In all my life I thought violence was the answer for everything but a man came and told me it wasn't and violence only makes matters worse, so I won't kill you father, not today anyway"
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February 1, 1757


1817 (age 59-60)

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American Revolution

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The Blades of White Light

Oukonunaka was a Native American/Irish Assassin and was the son of Assassin mother Ahyoka and Templar father Liam Quood and was a part of the Cherokee tribe and Assassins. Oukonunaka was involved in the American Revolution War like Ratonhnhaké: ton and Shane Hale, and was the ancestor of the Assassin Kyle Lenards


Early LifeEdit

Young Oukonunaka

Young Oukonunaka

Oukonunaka was born in 1757 into the Cherokee tribe and was the son of Native American Assassin Ahyoka and Irish Templar Liam Quood, after Liam had found out Ahyoka was an Assassin they fought to the death and Liam had killed her while Oukonunaka was still an infant, so the boy grew up with no mother or father and due to him not have anyone to tell him right and wrong he would usually sought out problems by violence, he was then adopted by the chief Yonaguska who was secretly an Assassin, Yonaguska then trained Oukonunaka in the ways of an Assassin and served as a father figure to Oukonunaka and at one point in his life he started calling him "father" and Yonaguska was called him "son", when he was 15 he was given the Assassin Tomahawk and was told of his heritage and mother's death, and then suddenly the village was attacked by British and Irish soldiers and Yonaguska was forced to fight Liam who was leading the attack, Oukonunaka wanted to fight Liam to avenge his mothers death but Yonaguska ordered him to flee with the village and when he came back to help Yonaguska, he was almost dead Yonaguska then told Oukonunaka to find the man Benjamin Holmes who would finish Oukonunaka's training before his deaht Yonaguska gave Oukonunaka a "piece of eden" which he would keep a secret until he was 19, he then made a vow to avenge his mother and his surrogate father's death.

Completing TrainingEdit

Teenage Oukonunaka

Teenage Oukonunaka

When Oukonunaka was 16 he became Chief of the Cherokee Tribe due to him being the only heir of Yonaguska but after a year he would never forget the name "Benjamin Holmes" and he decided to leave the tribe and make his closest friend Degataga become Chief, after a few days of travelling he arrived at Benjamin Holmes house somewhere in the Frontier and told him of his "father" Yonaguska and of his will and so Benjamin was forced to take Oukonunaka in due to his debt that he owed Yonaguska, Benjamin then decided to change Oukonunaka's name to a different one due to it being hard to pronounce for anyone he met and so it was changed to Noah Quood (Although Oukonunaka despised having his father's last name). Noah completed his training in 19.

As an AssassinEdit

Sometime in 1776, Noah joined the American Revolutionary War and at times he would encounter and team up with Shane Hale, in a mission to Assassinate a Templar in Boston in 1777 he encountered Ratonhaké:ton/Connor and due to their tribes being friends in the past the 2 got along fine and Assassinated their target together, after that Noah asked if he had any news on the Templar Liam Quood, Connor asked him why and Noah tells Connor that Liam is his father who he needs to kill, Connor gives him a lead that he usually is seen in the Valley Forge, Noah thanks him and Connor wants the same in return and Noah explains that Haytham Kenway is usually everywhere due to him being the Templar Grandmaster. The 2 then encountered more and more on Assassination missions. In 1779, The Templars had heard rumors about Noah using the Sixth Apple to kill his opponents (Noah had no idea what it was, he just thought it was an artifact from his tribe) he was then ambushed by Templars and they demnaded the Apple, and due to Noah having First Civilization DNA he was able to control the apple without hurting himself and he killed all the Templars in the room, Noah then thinks that this power is too much for man but he is blown up by a nearby canon that was only a few inches away, he was wounded and his vision was blurry, he then saw a a shodaw figure standing over him and chuckling, and since Noah was too weak to move the man took the apple from him leaving Noah to die until Benjamin saved him and tended to his wounds. After Noah woke up from a little coma he remembered the words from Yonaguska "You must never let this fall into the wrong hands my son" and knowing that he failed his father's orders he now must hunt the apple. Noah took a break from avenging his families death and decided to hunt the apple down, it took him 2 years to find the apple (1779-1781). In March 1781, Noah had finally found it and it was in Templar hands, his name was Edward Murray the 2 had fought but Noah lost and was stabbed in the rib with a pocket knife, Noah did not give up though he was a strong minded Assassin and would even battle Death himself for family, as Noah was clinging to dear life he got his bow and arrow out and shot Edward in the chest, Noah was now about to die and he crawled over to the apple and he touched it but then it healed him and Noah knew man could not have this power and so he wished to find a place to hide it and then a map popped up from the apple showing him where all The Vaults were, he found one in America and hid it there.

Joining The Blades of White LightEdit

In 1780, Noah joined the Blades of White Light making Noah the first Native American (half anyway) to join the Blades of White Light

Meeting his fatherEdit

In 1783, while on an Assassination mission, it was a trap and Noah was then greeted by his father Liam, the 2 then exchanged words and fought, due to Liam once being an Assassin he was a skilled fighter and also having years of experience to his 26-Year-Old son he was getting the upper-hand until Noah remembered all the innocents he killed including his mother and surrogate father, Noah got Liam to the ground and said that it was not his time to die but Liam was not done and attempted to kill his own son until Noah turned around and cut his throat with his Assassin Tomahawk and he says "That was for my real father" in Aniyawiya (Cherokee) leaves his father's dead body lying there. After that he continued to fight in the war until it ended later that year.

Later LifeEdit

Oukonunaka continued as an Assassin for the next 12-Years, after that he retired and went back to his tribe to claim his rightful place as Chief again, he spent the next year an honorable Chief, he then met a woman named Hialeah, she was a year younger than Oukonunaka was, the two fell in love after a few months, she conceived twins in 1797, their son and daughter were born in November 1797. They named the boy Oconostota and the girl Sequoia, (Oconostota was the grandfather of Dyami). Oukonunaka trained Oconostota and Sequoia for years up to his death in 1817.


In 2012, Oukonunaka's memories were relived by his descendant Kyle Lenards to find the Sixth Apple.


  • The name Oukonunaka means "White Owl" in Cherokee which is close to an eagle.
  • Like Ratonhnhaké:ton, Oukonunaka is a virgin character and has no romantic interests currently.
  • Oukonunaka is currently still the Chief but his friend is only covering for him at the moment.
  • Oukonunaka is more thinner than Ratonhnhaké:ton and has a more grace to his fighting skills while Ratonhnhaké:ton is more of a viscous fighter but when he first fought his father Oukonunaka let his anger get in the way which caused him to almost lose the battle.
  • Oukonunaka was the first Native American/Irish Assassin to join The Blades of White Light.
  • Oukonunaka was the 3rd Native American Assassin to wield an Apple of Eden, the first being Native American Chief Yanoguska, the second being Ratonhnhaké:ton

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