Orlando Solis

San Antonio, Texas

17 February 1887

Salt Lake City, Utah

Immediate family
Susanna Delfino (wife)

Diego Solis (son)

Gabriella Solis (daughter)
Extended family
Bernardo Solis (father)

Antonia Solis (mother)

Juan-Bernardo Solis (brother)
Solis family
United States of America/Mexico

"Attention please! Me and Susanna have an announcement to make. Susanna and I, me and Susanna - are getting married!"

Orlando announcing his and Susanna Delfino's engagement to his family

Orlando Pedro Solis (1802-1887) was a Mexican-American man, husband to Susanna Delfino and father to Diego and Gabriella.


Early LifeEdit

Orlando was born in 1802 to Bernardo and Antonia Solis. He already had an older brother named Juan-Bernardo Solis. Both his parents are from Cruz, Mexico Salina Cruz, Mexico but they moved to San Antonio shortly after their marriage. In 1800, his elder brother was born as Juan-Bernardo Solis. Due to Juan-Bernardo's sensitive and less tough personality, he was constantly bullied by his parents much to his distress. However, Orlando was very kind to him and when he was abused by parents, Orlando was quick to rescue him. Because of this, Orlando and Juan-Bernardo were banned from their family home, so they lived in a bar in central San Antonio. After this, Antonia had realised how awful she had been and begged for their forgiveness. They were quick to decline. In 1824, they eventually moved back in after 4 years in the bar. In early 1826, the Solis family moved away to Salt Lake City, Utah. There, Orlando would meet Susanna Delfino. In 1828, they began dating until finally marrying on the 25 July 1830. 

Family LifeEdit

After his marriage to Susanna, Orlando became disattatched to his other family. When his father beat up his elder brother, Orlando completely lost it. Antonia was desperate to receive Orlando's attention, so, when Orlando was confronting Bernardo, Antonia killed Bernardo. Orlando was panicking so immediately visited the police and Antonia was taken to prison. On the 23 December 1831, Susanna gave birth to his son whom they named Diego Antonio Solis. Then again on the 2 August 1834, they had a daughter named Gabriella Helena Solis.


On the 17 February 1887, Orlando died being survived by his children and wife.

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