""Susanna! We're under attack! Benny! Fire the cannons - ready! FIRE!!""
―Miguel whilst The Sweet Bernadette is under attack.

Miguel de Torremolinos was a pirate and assassin among Benjamin Trotter and Susanna Delfino. He is also a Mexican runaway with his parents, Rocco de Torremolinos and Eva de Torremolinos. It is unknown why he ran away from Guadalajara.


Miguel was born in Guadalajara, Mexico to Rocco de Torremolinos and Eva de Torremolinos. He was an only child and probably born in 1805, but that fact is unknown. In 1819, he arrived in Tampa, Florida with his parents whilst on the run from Mexico. It is unknown why he ran away or who he was running from. Shortly after he arrived in Florida, he became an assassin with Susanna and Benjamin. When Susanna returned to The Bahamas in 1820, Miguel continued the assassin life with Benjamin. In 1823, when Helena Delfino had passed away, Susanna was in search for her father, Thomas Briggs. They had begun piracy and when approaching Kingston, Jamaica - the British authorities fired cannons at The Sweet Bernadette. In this tragedy, they had lost 7 of their 17 crew members - including Miguel.

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