During the time when the Hashashin were under the rule of Al Mualim, the castle of Masyaf was the headquarters of the Hashashin, and home of the Grand Master and the elite Hashashin. Masyaf has mountains that can be seen from the castle and the surrounding village. Masyaf is actually the smallest settlement in Outremer. It is very quiet compared to other cities like, Acre, Damascus, and Jerusalem, and has fewer people in terms of population.

Masyaf is built on a mountain, the castle being at the top. The village appears, more or less, to be the same from top to bottom, and occasionally guards can be encoutered in groups of two, deep in conversation.

The thugs in Masyaf do not attack citizens here like they do in the other cities. It is unknown why they do not, but one theory is that they are aware of the existence of the Hashashin in their settlement and fear them.