Lily R. Stevens
Biographical information

13th January 1727



Time period

Golden Age Of Piracy and An Unmarked Period

Political information
  • Pirates,
  • Assassins
  • "You said I'm to die for, so die and feel the cold embrace of death"

    - Lily to many of her victims

    Lily Reyna Stevens (1727 - ?) was a Spanish/British - Irish born Pirate/Assassin that lived during the end of the golden age of piracy and an unmarked period in time. During this time she went out on a mission to avenge her father's death and trained to be an assassin. She was also a part of the Stevens family line.

    She was also the daughter of William Stevens and Isabella Babcock.


    Early Life (1727 - 1744)Edit

    She was born to retired pirates William Stevens and Isabella Babcock on their own private island but her mother had died during childbirth leaving her with only a father. At first he didn't want anything to do with her and left her in the care of his maids but shortly after he got over his drinking problem he took over the care of her and looked out for her. From 1727 the year Lily was born to 1743, William trained Lily to be a pirate and live her life which gave her much success as she took over the family business on the island at the young age of 16 while she also had many suitors but she turned them all down, not interested in a relationship despite her father encouraging her to date someone.

    Eventually however in 1744 a enemy raid happened on their island and destroyed all the business and killed everyone there except for William and Lily as they managed to hide from their enemies in the old assassin's head quarters. However while here, Lily realized that William had been badly wounded and shortly after he died of his wounds during a dark, stormy night leaving Lily alone on the island as their enemies left the island while she swore to avenge his death....

    Becoming "The Dark Flower" and the start of her hunt for vengeance (1745 - ?)Edit

    Coming Soon....


    During her younger years, Lily was a kind hearted woman who enjoyed life to its fullest while often going out with her friends, although she did have a serious side when dealing with her families business. However this all went away after her home was destroyed and her father killed which turned her into a cold, unforgiving person.

    After this event, she turned her back on the light of the world and had no problems killing anyone that even just looked at her wrong. She would take any job that would come by her and if anyone tried to flirt with her they would wind up dead in an alley with all their money stolen with her having no regrets or second thoughts about them.

    She had no morals or code that she followed and instead went with the flow. She didn't allow herself to get close to anyone and only wished that she could get the job done before spending another night alone, hating life because of what it done to her. She also had a drinking problem like her father that would get her in many fights.

    Despite all of this, deep inside of her she still had her personality of when she was younger but she had been hurt so much she locked it all away planning never to reveal it to anyone in fear of getting hurt again. However as her early life went on she found herself opening up to a few people and her old personality returning.


    Lily was a very beautiful woman with what people described as a "goddess" like body because of this she had many suitors but she turned them all down. She had long dark hair with surprisingly cold eyes which could also turn heart warming if she was in a good mood. She often wore her pirate clothes (as shown in the picture) and also had light skin compared to her father's slightly darker skin. She also had a very "healthy" body. Her accent was also very exotic as it was a mix of Irish, Spanish and British which she usually used to her advantage.


    Like her father, Lily was very skilled in pretty much everything as she learned from the man himself. However unlike him she wasn't much of a sailor but was much more of a weapon's expert than even her father due to her vast knowledge of poisons. She was weaker than most but because of her being athletic she liked to use either her charm or talents as well as the environment to her advantage when taking down a target. She would often climb up high and scout out her environment before she would actually kill her target which made her more clever than most. She was also very fast, very quick to process things and very clever which made her either a hard enemy to take down or a brilliant ally.


    Lily's equipment was very filled with different types of weapons and other things. Her main weapons was her two pistols which were given to her by her father and her hidden blade which she required while she trained to be an assassin. She also had her favorite dagger which was always concealed in between her breasts so she could use it if she was "seducing" one of her targets. She also used a range of poisons and rope darts on her victims as well as she was able to use throwing knives. Unlike her father she had no ship or anything and instead just used other people's ships to get across the seas.


    William StevensEdit

    When Lily was born and Isabella died during childbirth, William at first turned his back on the child and left her in the care of his maids. However later when William managed to get over his drinking problem he took over the care for her and trained her up to not only be a pirate but to live a normal life so she could choose what she wanted to be. However when she was 16, a enemy raid happened on their island killing everyone including William himself which resulted in Lily being devastated and alone on the island, swearing to avenge William's death.

    Isabella BabcockEdit

    She never knew her mother as she died while giving birth to her but Isabella loved Lily even before she was born and it is assumed if Isabella hadn't have died then the two of them would've had a great relationship and Lily would also grow up with both her parents instead of just her father. Lily also took over the family business which Isabella formally ran after she became old enough, showing at first she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps.


    Her first name Lily means "Purity and beauty" and her middle name Reyna means "Queen", the former referencing to her beauty and the latter referencing to her cold personality.

    William and Isabella gave her the middle name Reyna in memory of their old friend, Reyna Hawks.

    She is the first female character created by User: Jamie141

    Fun Fact: She was created on 13 January and that was when she was born character wise.

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