" The world is full of them! Their everywhere and we just sit here in hiding, for all these centuries we've been beating them but since we get to this time period! We cower and hide, but with my abilities I'll stop them. You'll see!"
―Kyle before leaving the Order
Kyle Lenards
Kyle Lenards 4
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August 5, 1994

Time period

Modern Time

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Assassins (sometimes)

The Blades of White Light (sometimes)

Kyle Lenards was the cousin of the deceased brothers Leo, Jaden and Tyrone Ryder. The great grandson of Leila Houston who then married George Lenards. And is the descendant of Assassins, Umar Talik L'Ahik, Aiman Talik L'Ahik, Jawad Talik L'Ahik, Achilleo Alberto da Firenze, Carlo Alberto da Milano. And of course Howard Quood, his distant cousin Aloysha Stansliev, Howard's grandson Oukonunaka, and Oukonunaka's great grandson Dyami  also a descendant of the Templar Liam Quood. He is a former Assassin due to him not believing in their ways, so he is independent and hunts down major Templars, at some points he helps the Assassins but nothing else.


Early LifeEdit

Unlike his cousins, Kyle was not born into the order. So Kyle lived an average life but little did he know about his Assassin heritage, the only reason why he was not born into the order was because sometime in his family probably in 1900s the Assassin line stopped. When Kyle was 19 he led a great life.

Kidnapped by AbstergoEdit

One day after coming out of a bar, a drunk Kyle went the wrong way home and had taken himself into a deserted area and thats where they followed him, he was easily knocked out and taken away in a white van.

Life as Subject 18Edit

A few days after Desmond Miles escaped, Kyle was taken by Abstergo to find a Piece of Eden found by the son of Carlo Alberto da Milano so he was forced to relive the memories of Elario Alberto.


After 2 days of reliving memories of Elario, Kyle planned an escape since he had gained Eagle Vision and the skills of Elario. After hours of planning he launched it by causing a distraction and claiming that he heard an intruder somewhere the guards ran off to find it, so then their were little guards left and then Kyle killed most of them and escaped to freedom.

Joining the AssassinsEdit

After he escaped he was deserted and alone and had no place to go until The Assassins found him and took Kyle to their base he then was told about his heritage and how the Assassin line in his family ended. Kyle then asked if he could gain a place in the order, The Assassins agreed but at a price: Kyle would have to finish reliving the memories of Italian/Spanish Assassin Elario Alberto and recover a Piece of Eden because now that his cousin Tyrone is dead and could no longer relive the memories. Kyle had no choice but to agree.

Sword of UmarEdit

Since Tyrone is dead, Kyle was given the Sword of Umar as a welcoming gift and that it was rightfully his now that Tyrone is dead and Kyle is a descendant of Umar

As an AssassinEdit

Kyle has not killed any major league Templars but he has served as a great Assassin protecting the innocent, some people think of him more as a Vigilante than an Assassin

Back in the AnimusEdit

After the Piece of Eden was found he then had to relive another Assassin memory which was his Native American ancestor Oukonunaka the son of Templar Liam Quood to find another Sixth Apple of Eden.

Joining the The Blades of White LightEdit

In his free time of the Animus, Kyle was offered the rank of Master Assassin at 18-Years of age due to him using the bleeding effect of Elario and Oukonunaka. Later on that day he became a member of the Blades of White Light.

Finding the Sixth AppleEdit

After a few days of living the life of Oukonunaka, he had finally found the Sixth Apple and it was somewhere in a Vault in America and he found it lying deep withing.

Indestructible Hidden BladeEdit

Due to him reliving the memories of Dyami he discovered the Indestructible Hidden Blade, he then went to find it and discovered it in Leila Houston's tomb.

Mission to stop MaraEdit

After reliving the memories of Dyami, the Assassins assigned him and some other teammates named Jenny the Assassin trained companion, Katy the tech geek and Elijah the database engineerer. Together the four found a Temple/Vault in America, the Temple triggered a Bleeding Effect  on Kyle, Kyle then woke up on a ship: The Jackdaw, where he found himself reliving the memories of his Pirate/Assassin ancestor Howard Quood, he then  woke up out of the Animus, Jenny asked him where he was, Kyle replied "On a ship called the Jackjaw or daw", Elijah then searched up the ship Jackdaw, meanwhile Kyle went back in the Animus after a few weeks of reliving his memories he finally found the location of the second Temple and the Key, Kyle and the gang went to London to find the Key. After that they used the Key to unlock the door and within Kyle found the Piece of Eden needed to stop Mara. The gang then headed for the location of the Second Temple... In Italy.

The Second TempleEdit

Kyle and the gang traveled to Italy, to the Temple, it triggered another Bleeding Effect on Kyle and so he then woke up in a really poor and old looking place inside a Temple, he then woke up and told them he was in Masyaf in the year 1288, Elijah then got searching up on Aiman Talik L'Ahik, Katy told Kyle that the Animus was glitching up and was forced to go back to Aiman in his teenage years. After weeks in the Animus they finally arrived in the key points of Aiman's memories, Kyle then learned the location of the Third Temple and the Key, the gang quickly traveled to Masyaf and went into Aiman's cave and saw his tomb, behind the tomb was the Key, Kyle then paid his respects to his dead ancestor and then travelled back to the Temple. After unlocking the door Kyle and the gang found another Piece of Eden. The location of the Third and Final Temple was in...Germany.

The Third TempleEdit

After the gang arrived in Germany, the Third Temple triggered another Bleeding Effect and he woke up as a child in Russia. Kyle then woke up in reality and told Jenny and Elijah that he was in the Russian Empire, Elijah looked up the Assassins in the Russian Empire, Kyle went back into the Animus, and relived Aloysha's memories up to the point of his celebration party, Kyle woke up out of the Animus and was told that the Temple's battery was going down so the gang had to go find the Power Source, it was in the city they were in at the time in a German Accountant's office, Kyle then encountered Allan Templre, Allan was threatening Kyle while he secretly got a bottle and smashed him in the face with it. Kyle then went back to the Temple with the rest of the gang and got back in the Animus and relived Aloysha's memories up to the point 1722. Kyle then had to find another Power Source in Hamburg, he then encountered Allan again who had the Power Source, the two fought for about 5 minutes and it ended with Kyle slamming Allan into a tree. Kyle then went back to the Temple and relived a little more of Aloysha's memories, the Temple needed more batteries after Aloysha had talked to Jupiter, the next Power Source was in Abstergo, Italy so Kyle was forced to go back to Abstergo and fight his way through the Abstergo Agents, Kyle then encountered Allan once again but Allan was beating Kyle and so Kyle was forced to stab him in the neck, then Kyle took the Power Source back to the Temple. Kyle then relived the rest of Aloysha's memories and found the Key in Russia and took it back to Germany to unlock the final door and took the Piece of Eden within it, Kyle was now ready to defeat Mara.

Battle with MaraEdit

Battle with Mara

Jupiter inside Kyle's body before battling Mara

After obtaining the Third Piece of Eden, Kyle headed to Mara's prison back in America, he then used the Pieces of Eden to unlock the door to her prison he then saw that he was on his own, Kyle used The Piece of Eden to communicate with Jupiter, Jupiter then revealed to Kyle due to his First Civilization blood he would be able to use his Kyle's body to defeat Mara, Kyle was never the Chosen One but just a shell for Jupiter, Jupiter told Kyle that he may not be able to recover from the "process" Kyle agreed to allow Jupiter to take over his body, Kyle forged the Pieces of Eden together and then allowed Jupiter to take over. Jupiter now as Kyle fought Mara with The Staff of Eden, Jupiter emerged victorius putting her back in her prison, but was injured for it and it is unknown if Kyle might survive it as soon as Jupiter left Kyle's body, he dropped to the ground showing no signs of awakening. Jenny and the gang immiedietly took Kyle to the Assassins and asked for them to help him,
Kyle coma

Kyle being examined

the Assassin doctors revealed he was okay but he was in a coma for spending too long with too many different ancestors in the Animus and for not finishing their lives. Kyle was put in an Animus to relive the rest of his unfinished ancestors lives, so now Kyle must finish, Howard's, Oukonunuaka's and Aloysha's lives before all the personalities smash together and cause him to stay in a coma forever.

Black RoomEdit

"All I have to say is, Kyle is lucky to be alive...right now he's in a coma and may never awaken from it due to overexposure in the Animus and not finishing his ancestor's lives. You better get him in that thing before he never wakes up"
―Assassin doctor 
Kyle in the Black Room

Kyle waiting in the loading corridor to relive Aloysha's memories

After waking up in the Black Room, Kyle knew he wasn't in the real world and was worried he could never get out, Kyle then met Mila a computerized Human in the Animus, she said she could help him and Kyle didn't have a choice but to trust her he asked what he had to do and how he got in there, Mila then explained that due to the shock of the combat with Mara and reliving the memories of so many ancestors and not finishing their lives his body couldn't handle it and entered into a coma and so he had to finish his ancestors life, Kyle then asked how he could do that Mila then told him "Your inside the Animus, figure out the rest", the first ancestor was Aloysha Stansliev after he finished his memories he then relived the memories of...Howard Quood, after a few days Kyle met Mila again she explained to him that he needed to hurry up, his mind was on a deadline and his brain will close and cause him to stay in the coma. Kyle then finished the life of Howard and later finished the twilight years of his secret Assassin ancestor Oukonunaka. After finishing Oukonunaka's memories, Kyle said goodbye to Mila and suggested that they should meet in the Memory Corridor once in awhile, he then woke up from his coma and was greeted by his companions, the Assassin doctors wanted to keep Kyle in the medical clinic for a few more days, just to check if he's vital signs are normal and he hasn't brought anything from the Animus into the real world. After a few days the Assassin doctors discovered that after Jupiter controlled Kyle's body, he left some certain abilities for him.


"He's been through too much, we need to let him cool off the Animus and as an Assassin and give him a break...He deserves it"
―William Miles
Kyle's abilities

Kyle jumping through the city with his new ability

After the "Mara Incident", and the coma, Kyle was left a changed person. He was less kind, more arrogant and selfish and denied the Creed and killed all of his victims with his "abilities", William suggested he take a break but Kyle declined and stated he will destroy Abstergo and left the Assassins to follow his own path, he hasn't been seen for months...


Kyle has the ability to shapeshift his arm into blades or claws due to an unplanned side effect of Jupiter taking over his body.




Golden Age of PiracyEdit

Russian EmpireEdit

Colonial AmericaEdit

American Civil War and Post-Civil WarEdit


Kyle Lenards 4
Kyle's abilities
Battle with Mara

Kyle in the Black Room
Kyle coma

Kyle Lenards 3

Kyle before obtaining his abilities


  • Kyle was probably the only person in his family to use the Animus as much as Tyrone Ryder
  • Like Tyrone, Kyle only uses the Sword of Umar on advanced missions he thinks it is a good luck charm also
  • Kyle has probably more known ancestors than Desmond Miles himself.
  • When Kyle and Tyrone's family tree got to the twins Oconostota and Sequoia, the two had children of their own so it seperated and Tyrone had his own ancestors like Abiodun Pajonaluku and Arnold Palonil

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