" I will kill those who betrayed my family, and if you are listening to this there is no way you can hide from me"
Kaito Hiroyuki
Kaito Hiroyuki
Biographical information

May 10, 1314



Time period

Kamakura Period

Political information


Kaito Hiroyuki was a Japanese Assassin AKA The Assassin Clan in Japan, who was involved in the Kamakura period, he is also the ancestor of Scott Daniels and Jovir Mamar


Early LifeEdit

Kaito was born in the Kamakura period and was the son to unknown Assassin parents, the 2 wanted Kaito to live a normal life, so Kaito grew up not knowing of his heritage. In Kaito's teenage years he was rebellious teenager who liked to get into trouble with his friends, when Kaito was 14, his parents were murdered by the Kamakura Shogunate (who were secretly Templars, Kaito's father's last words were "Find your uncle Rikuto...he will explain everything" and so Kaito left Japan to find his uncle but he did not know who his uncle was only that his name was Rikuto, one day he found a mansion with his last name near it so Kaito assumed his uncle must be there, it wouldn't be easy due to them never meeting before, Kaito knocked on his door and at first there was no answer but Kaito used his talent to find him and he saw that his uncle was in the house and so he kept knocking and finally revealed that he was his nephew, Rikuto opened the door and introduced himself, the 2 got to know eachother and the Kaito told him that his parents were murdered and needed to know answers, Rikuto then explained about the Assassins and Templars which took a good five hours and the Kaito suggested that he should begin training as soon as possible.

As an AssassinEdit

Kaito completed his training when he was 17 and was also taught how to use his "talent" which his uncle dubbed Eagle Vision and like La Volpe, Kaito had an advanced Eagle Vision where he could see through walls. After his training Kaito immidietley wanted to find the Kamakura Shogunate but Rikuto adviced him not to due to him being "A boy with 3-years of training" this enraged Kaito and forced him to pack up his things and leave with Kaito's last words to Rikuto "You'll see Old Man, I will defeat them".

Assault on the Kamakura ShogunateEdit


Kaito's assault

After Kaito got back to Japan, he went to the Kamakura Shogunate's base at midnight and started taking out guards but was suddenly ambushed by 4 brutes, one quickly alerted everyone and Kaito was outnumbered so he was forced to abort the mission.

More Soon...

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