"Your holiness, King George, I have been requested upon a group of... people, the Knights Templar, who say they will fund us and help us to take back control over the colony. What do you say, my lord? They would give us what we need!"
―Maitland speaking to King George before their aid by the Templars, circa 1774.

Sir John Maitland, (June 23rd, 1721 - January 15th, 1775), was a Templar Agent and former British Colonel in the Army of Great Britain. A veteran of the Battle of Dettingen, Maitland was known for his service as a patriot in the British Army during the American Revolution. Being patriotic, Maitland wanted to keep the Americas a part of Great Britain. He was transferred to what would become the USA, where he raided villages, forced citizens to do outlandish and absurd things, and was a very cruel officer. By 1774, his actions had been noted by the Knights Templar, who had finally been given a chance to take control of Great Britain, and at the same time, the Americas. They gave Maitland an offer he couldn't refuse, saying they would supply funds, firearms, and equipment to England. Unaware of the Assassin Order, by early 1775, Maitland was assassinated while in a pub, courting an American girl.


  • Maitland was modeled after all stereotypical British officers portrayed in movies, and even some of the more brash ones seen in reality during the American Revolution.
  • John's surname, Maitland, is an English name which according to Norman-French roots, meant "inhospitable", referring to Maitland's rude and cruel behavior.