"I do not fight simply for amusement. I fight for my people. I fight for vengeance. I fight for peace. And most of all, I fight for a free world!"

-- Jacob Goldman, speaking on the screen of the Neue Welt Theatre during a surprise attack, 1945

Jacob Goldman - WWII Assassin


Jacob Goldman's story takes place in 1941, during the start of World War II, in Europe. He travels across multiple regions throughout a ten year span of time, including Austria, Poland, France, Berlin and London. Austria consists mainly of fields, forests and small towns. Poland is a more mountainous region with larger towns and waterfronts. France has two key areas - the French countryside and Paris; the countryside is much like Austria but with more farms, and Paris is an urban city similar to Berlin. Berlin is larger than Paris, and completely urbanized; it consists of heavily guarded areas and a restricted section where Adolf Hitler rests protected. London is an urban city with taller buildings, friendlier people and more things to do.

Concentration Camp Stalking 2

Preliminary concept art of Jacob preparing to infiltrate a concentration camp

Berlin 8

Concept art of Jacob overlooking a snowy Berlin street

Character BackgroundEdit

Jacob Goldman is the main protagonist of this installment to the AC series. He is at first a Jewish farmboy, who is forced to flee his town in Austria when the Holocaust begins. He and his family retreat to a small hut in the countryside, where Jacob is trained to protect himself and fight by a mysterious man. When German troops storm the hut, Jacob's family is killed and he annihilates the Nazis in rage. The old man who trained him reveals himself as an Assasisn, and tells Jacob to avenge the Brotherhood and the Jews. 

Jacob begins his quest by freeing concentration camps and leading Jews and soldiers in Austria to freedom. He then continues to Poland to help stop the invading Nazis. His journey takes him then to France, and eventually from Paris to Britain and finally to Berlin on D-Day.

Jacob is a sensitive, caring person and a strong believer of Jewish morals. However, he grows to resent Hitler and the Nazis over time, becoming a figurehead for revolution and a fierce freedom-fighter. 
IMG 1362

Concept art of Jacob (bushy hair and beard)

IMG 1361

Concept art of Jacob (with Star of David tattoo)


Jacob uses a range of weapons.

  • One of such is a new weapon, known as the hook-headed blade. It is used to propel Jacob from building to building as well as swing from enemy vehicles and hook onto enemies so as to reverse their energy.
  • He uses the common Assassin's blade, with a new shooting feature.
  • He has a dagger used in close-combat.
  • He is also equipped with a curved sword which is useful for combat, and can easily disarm enemies as well as cut ropes and mechanisms.
  • Jacob has access to machine guns, but only for a limited time (until ammo runs out).
  • Grenades (splinter and smoke)
  • 6-shot Revolver
    IMG 1363

    Concept art of Jacob's main weapons (hook-ended blade, hidden blade and ceremonial dagger)


Jacob learns to deal with many new obstacles.

  • Vehicles: Jacob can leap from cars and swing over tanks. He can also disable tanks by tossing grenades into the cannon shafts, as well as use them against other enemies by drawing attention to his speedy movements.
  • Parkour: Like all assassins, Jacob can freerun, but with excellent agility.
  • Combat: Jacob can slide and roll between cover to escape bulletfire, and has notable agility when in combat. He uses all resources to his advantage, and prefers to disable enemies before killing them. He can easily disarm enemies and leap over them using the hook-headed blade.


Notable Missions

  • Farmhouse Defense - Jacob defends his family from a Nazi ambush
  • Invasion of Paris - Jacob tries to halt the invasion of Paris
  • Bombing of Britain - Jacob escapes the streets of Britain during a bombing strike
  • Cinematic Climax - Jacob and his allies storm the Neue Welt Theatre, using a pre-recorded film message as a distraction to assassinate Hitler
  • Dinner Party - Jacob attends a dinner party in Poland, in disguise, to assassinate a Nazi General
  • D-Day - Jacob scaled Hitler's compound during the D-Day raid
IMG 1364

The Goldman family Menorah

The following missions are subejct to change, and their correct titles are still in production.

Sequence 1: Jacob and his family try to escape Austria before the Nazis find them

  • All in a Day's Work
  • Life of the Farm
  • The Visitors
  • More than a Friend
  • A Cry in the Night
  • The Revelation
  • Training
  • A Cruel World

Sequence 2: Jacob searches for allies in Austria

  • The Path to Vengeance
  • Into the Gloom
  • A small Help
  • Savior 
  • Escort
  • Messenger
  • A Larger Threat

Sequence 3: Jacob travels to Poland to negotiate an alliance with the Polish Prime Minister

  • Alone in the Wilderness
  • Struggle of the Mind
  • The Legend
  • A Tiresome Toil
  • The Right Way
  • The Polish Conspiracy
  • Darkness Falls
  • The Moment of Truth

Sequence 4: Jacob and his allies defend Poland from the Nazis

  • A Skillful Tool
  • The Lost Legacy
  • Righteous Virtues
  • Ascension
  • Defensive Measures
  • Arming the Battlements
  • Counterattack

​Sequence 5: Jacob makes his way to Berlin, but is thwarted

  • What do I Fight For
  • Climbing the Fortress
  • In the Shadows
  • Rescuer
  • Liberation
  • Midnight Stalker
  • War Plans
  • Escapist

​Sequence 6: Jacob travels solo to France, where he finds an old friend in need

  • An Old Friend
  • Quest for Love
  • A Minor Repayment
  • Sidetracked
  • Distress Signal
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Chateau Infiltration
  • Countryside Chase

​Sequence 7: Jacob fights to save Paris from the Nazis

  • A Peaceful City
  • An Eagle's Nest
  • Child of David
  • Memories Stir
  • A Royal Favor
  • Repulsion
  • The Flaw in the Plan
  • Last Resort

​Sequence 8: Jacob heads to Britain to meet Winston Churchill

  • A New Ally
  • Special Request
  • Breach of Trust
  • A Glimpse of Hope
  • The Flames of Hell
  • No Alternative
  • The Fuhrer's Fury
  • I Fight with Friends

Sequence 9: Jacob and his allies strike against the Fuhrer

  • Fight Fire with Fire
  • Cinematic Climax
  • An Oath to Keep
  • Down with the Fuhrer
  • A New Enemy
  • Betrayal
  • I Go Alone

Sequence 10: Jacob puts an end to Hitler and helps finalize the war

  • Let it Rain
  • Sacrifice
  • A Final Assault
  • Setting Things Right
  • A Sad Ending

Side Missions:

  • Liberation Missions - Jacob can participate in missions to reduce Nazi influence by eliminating German-controlled compounds
  • Escort Missions - Jacob can participate in missions to help free prisoners from concentration camps and escort them to freedom
  • Savior Missions - Jacob can participate in missions to save prisoners from executions such as hangings or shootings
  • Assassination Contracts - Jacob can participate in missions to assassinate minor targets
  • Assassin Order Missions - Jacob can participate in missions to uncover the truth about the Assassins and rebuild their Creed
  • Recruit Missions - Jacob can participate in missions to recruit new Assassins to strengthen the Brotherhood


Hermann Göring

Hans Frank

Heinrich Himmler

Joseph Goebbels

Josef Mengele

Adolf Hitler

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