Husam al Din
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September 4, 1167


April 19, 1244

Time period

Third Crusade

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The Blades of White Light

"This is incredibly dangerous Altaïr. That artifact was not meant for the hands of man."

-Husam to Altaïr regarding the Apple of Eden

Husam al Din was a Master Assassin during the Third Crusade and was the founder of the Blades of White Light.

Early LifeEdit

Husam al Din was born September 4, 1167 to two Assassin parents in Jerusalem. Even at an early age, Husam liked to run around the rooftops and climb up tall towers, and outrun the guards. One day, when he was 13, while he was outrunning the guards, he was hit by an arrow in the leg. The guards caught up to him and was about to kill him when his father, Sabir al Din, showed up in his Assassin robes, and quickly killed all the guards. Sabir carried his son home and he and Husam's mother, Tahirah, explained to him of his lineage. They both took him to Masyaf, to be trained in the ways of the Assassin.

As an AssassinEdit


Husam al Din striking a Templar target

While Husam trained as an Assassin, he was commended by many of the masters as an extremely potential student. As Husam trained, he earned the respect of many of the Assassins of the Brotherhood, including the Grand Master, Al Mualim. After Husam's parents passed away, he continued his training with other masters of the order. He sometimes trained alongside Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, and the two proved to be a very deadly pair. They became friends and soon started doing everything together. Growing up Husam rose in ranks alongside Altaïr. Then the both of them became Master Assassins. The two began to separate their missions so they could be more efficient, although sometimes, one asked the other if he could come along. Husam was there to help defend Masyaf during Robert de Sable's attack. When Husam heard Altaïr was responsible for the attack due to his failure at Solomon's Temple, he was deeply disappointed in him. When he discovered that Malik's arm had been amputated and that he had been set as the Rafiq of Jerusalem, he traveled there to see how he was. Malik and Husam had been friends for a long time, and Malik quickly expressed his resentment for Altaïr, and didn't understand why Al Mualim had granted him a chance to redeem himself. After their conversation Husam continued to conduct missions for Al Mualim, occasionally running into Altaïr during missions, in which they exchanged a few words unless one of both of them were being chased. After Altaïr restored his rank as a Master Assassin, Husam returned to Masyaf to find everyone hypnotized by Al Mualim. He worked his way to Malik who was fighting with other Assassins against the Assassins under mind control, and Husam helped them. After Altaïr arrived, Husam went to Malik while Altaïr confronted Al Mualim. After Al Mualim was defeated and Altaïr secured the Apple of Eden and became the Grand Master of the Assassin Order, Husam al Din became Altaïr's right hand man in leading the Brotherhood. Husam assisted Altaïr in the assault of Acre, and provided support in Cyprus and Limassol. Husam continued to assist Altaïr in most of his missions.

The Blades of White LightEdit

In the year 1192, one year after Altaïr became Grand Master of the Assassin Order, Husam al Din separated himself from the whole of the Brotherhood and founded the Blades of White Light as a means of further reinforcing the Brotherhood. Assassins from the Order began to join him as he recruited Assassins to the Blades, and by the year 1195, the Blades of White Light had become a full fledged power alongside the Assassin Order. The Assassins of the Blades executed missions under orders of both Husam and Altaïr. Husam continued to lead the Blades of White Light until his dying day, in which he named the next leader depending on who was the best fit. This cycle continued until the present day.

Later LifeEdit

Husam eventually met a woman Assassin named Kamilah Sabirah, and began to become close to her. He would often accompany her in her missions and helped her train. After a year they became a couple and settled down in Jerusalem. The couple bore three children, and all became Master Assassins. Husam continued his life as an Assassin until his 77th year.




Husam mainly uses a straightedge long sword and a short blade holstered to his side. He also uses a crossbow holstered on his back and 20 throwing knives to his waist and right and left shoulder. After Altaïr became Grand Master and wrote the codex, Husam was one of the very few Assasssins to receive a second hidden blade and hidden gun attachment. He also received a new set of armor from Altaïr, that look exactly like the armor he fashioned for himself using the Piece of Eden, except with a white base color and cape, and black trim. Husam wore this armor to his dying day and it became the outfit of the leader of the Blades of White Light until it was lost during the Templar attack on Masyaf.