German Brotherhood

German crest

Date Formed
Late 1600s
Date Collapsed
Leader Title
Grand Master/Mentor
Northern Europe
Notable Members

The German Assassins were the German Brotherhood of Assassins, existing since their formation at the end of the 18th century.

Led by James von Moltke, the German Assassins were mainly involved with the elimination of the English during the Revolutionary War.


Not much is known about the German Brotherhood before the Revolutionary War, other than that they participated in several of the events that would eventually lead to the downfall of the English during the events of the Revolutionary War. One event in particular in the trench's would see the safety of future Führer of the Third Reich and Templar Puppet, Charles Lee, from the battlefield.

Before the breakout of The Revolutionary War, the title of Mentor was handed down to James von Moltke, who would eventually train future assassin, Oliver Mathison in his quest for revenge. Nathaniel Harnish is the only living member of this Brotherhood the rest either were murdered or converted Templar.

More Coming Soon.

==Members (Members Converted Templar)==

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