Geoffrey Howard


Geoffrey Howard
26th November 1615
2nd March 1660
Time Period
Stuart Dynasty
Assassin Order, Parliamentarians
Templars, Charles I, Royalists
Hidden Blades, Sword, Dagger, Hidden Gun, Sword of Umar
"My great-grandfather and great-uncle were executed for treason. My grandfather killed a Queen of England and a King of France. My mother slew the Queen's spymaster. I have a pedigree of anti-royalism."
―Geoffrey Howard

Geoffrey Howard (1615 - 1660) was an English Assassin who fought in the English Civil War and then wandered across Europe. He was the grandson of Jane Howard, the Mentor of the English Assassins, and a wielder of the Sword of Umar.


Early LifeEdit

Geoffrey Howard was born on the 26th November 1615. The identity of his father and mother is unknown, and it seems that both somehow died when Geoffrey was young. The young Assassin seems to have been raised almost exclusively by his grandmother Jane Howard. Jane was the Mentor of the English Assassins until 1625, so for at least five years Geoffrey was probably raised by the highest ranking Assassin in England. He seems to have grown up self-conscious, though somewhat prone to cynicism and dry wit. Geoffrey lived with his grandmother until she died in 1635. By this time Geoffrey had already fathered a son with an unknown girl, and his son was born in 1634, just prior to his grandmother's death.

Civil WarEdit

In 1642 the English Civil War broke out. The Assassins supported the Parliamentarian side, and Geoffrey actually openly fought at Naseby, clad in his unusual, distinctive and old-fashioned longcoat. Geoffrey also fought for Cromwell and Parliament during the Second Civil War, and was instrumental behind the scenes in getting Charles I executed. When asked why he wanted this to occur, he replies that he had 'a pedigree of anti-royalism' (see page quote). Geoffrey personally watched Charles's execution and was reported by one of his fellow Assassins as looking 'thoroughly satisfied' at the beheading.


Following the execution of the King, the Assassin's realized that Cromwell was something of a tyrant, and that their help and assistance was not wanted in England. Blows were struck when a detachment of the New Model Army encountered some Assassin Recruits and promptly arrested them under suspicion of 'plotting to overthrow the realm'. Geoffrey, seeing this, intervened, and a fight broke out. Geoffrey, incensed that all he and the Assassin's hard work had been squandered, was the first to resort to lethal force, stabbing two soldiers with his Hidden Blades and then drawing his sword and killing the rest. Two Recruits also died in the fight. Geoffrey, realizing that the conflict and deaths were his fault, decided to leave England and travel. His Assassin brothers and sisters tacitly agreed with him, believing he had been too quick to resort to slaughter.

Lost YearsEdit

Geoffrey took a ship over to France, where fond memories of his great-grandfather were still around, and then travelled in Europe. It is known that he visited the Holy Roman Empire, and Turkey, but his exact movements are unknown. What is known is that he fathered at least seven bastard children during this period, who would all grow up to spread his bloodline. One of these family branches, begun in Germany, would include Miish Llye among its descendants. Geoffrey spent around eight years wandering around Europe, with little record of his activities besides the descendants he left.

Discovery of the Sword of UmarEdit

The last wielder of the Sword of Umar, Elario Alberto, had been forced to hide the Sword of Umar after his decision to give his son Isaac a normal life. Geoffrey Howard found the sword in Spain in 1657, where Elario had hidden it after his defeat of Charles I. Geoffrey did not realize the impact of the sword he had found, and simply carried it with him as a weapon. Not being a descendant of the first wielder, Umar Talik L’Ahik, the sword’s ‘lucky ability’ did not work for Geoffrey, but it was still a finely crafted and balanced sword, and immensely deadly. Geoffrey would go on to wield the weapon for the rest of his life, losing it only when he died.


In 1660, the Templars finally caught up with Geoffrey, ambushing Howard in a canyon in Romania. Geoffrey single-handedly slew twenty-five of his assailants, despite being shot in the shoulder and badly cut about the face and hands. He was eventually forced to retreat, badly injured. Barely escaping his pursuers several times, he found a cave to rest up in. Geoffrey realized that he would not last another day. He hid the Sword of Umar in the Romanian cave, refusing to allow it to fall into Templar hands, and realizing at last that there was something special about it. The next day he emerged drained and exhausted, to see fifty or so Templar soldiers surrounding his hideout. He still killed a further fifteen assailants in his desperate fury before he was overwhelmed and cut down. His body was dumped in the river, such was the fear inspired by him, even dead.


Geoffrey was the grandson of Jane Howard, and the great-grandson of Edward Howard. He had many children, though their names are mostly unknown and they are hard to trace besides DNA traces, as most of them did not inherit the 'Howard' name, and the records for this era are mostly damaged or missing as a result of the Cromwellian purges of the Assassins in these years.


Geoffrey Howard preferred to use his Hidden Blades and his personal sword, though he used the Sword of Umar when he discovered it. He was a highly skilled free-runner, and a good shot, though he rarely used gunpowder weaponry. Geoffrey was one of the greatest fighters of his day, and he killed forty Templar soldiers in his final confrontation alone, wielding his sword and Hidden Blades, though he was also deadly while unarmed as well.

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