"Do Not Tempt Me I will pull this Trigger if i have to"
―Ezekiel Swiller
Ezekiel Swiller
Ezekiel Swiller
Biographical information

March 8th,1694


April 9th,1757 (Age 63)

Time period

Golden Age of Piracy

Political information


Ezekiel Swiller (1662-1739)or Zeke by some men was a Privateer and Infamous Pirate Assassin and Ally of Edward Kenway and Father of Edward Swiller he was a Decendant of Francesco Vierra and Ancestor of Adam Stetson.Ezekiel was captured by Templar Knights but was rescued by Edward Kenway who would become his Ally and best friend.


Early LifeEdit

Ezekiel Swiller was born on March 8th,1694 in Cardiff Wales, were he was trained by his father in the ways of a Privateer, his father Nathan took him on many trips around Europe. When returning from Scotland they found his mother hanged by the chandelier in their dining room. Nathan left Zeke in the care of his uncle while he traveled the world. Zeke was mistreated by his uncle and Zeke killed him.

First Marriage and Life as a PrivateerEdit

Zeke met Jane Peters and the two married and had a daughter, Zeke then joined a group British Privateers where he met Edward Kenway. Swiller and Kenway where going the same way to the carribean and Cuba-both to make a living in piracy. Though he sent letters to his wife they soon became estranged.

The BrotherhoodEdit


The Ship to cuba was attacked by pirates, and Zeke was captured before Edward could save him. The Pirates beat up Zeke for answer but he didn't talk.

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