Lady Evelyn C. Frye LG (9, November, 1850 - 6, December, 1910) was a British diplomat, spy, knight, member of the Fraternity of England, and an associate of the Indian faction Bhaarat Ke Bradarahud.

She was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1868 for her considerable contributions to the aims of the Crown, and her service as a diplomat to India.

Background Edit

Evelyn Frye was born to Ethan Frye, a founding member of the Fraternity of England, and Cecily Frye. She was raised in Crawley in England, and was educated by her mother. She had a strained relationship with her father who was an officer of the East India Company.

She was raised with her brother Jacob, although the two became estranged as they grew older as Evie focused more on education, humanitarian work, and politics, Jacob was more poised towards the street gangs they encountered in London and the opium traders they met

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