Emily Holton
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Biographical information

July 19, 1990

Time period

Modern Times

Political information


Emily Holton is an assassin of the Modern Times and the older sister of the late David Holton.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Emily was born into the order to assassins Sean and Lily Holton. From the age of 8, she was trained to be an assassin by her father. In 2000, at the age of 10, her little brother David was born. At first neglecting him, Emily started to love him when his first word was "Emily". As David grew up, Emily loved him dearly and the two were very close. She joined the Assassins in 2008.

David's capture Edit

In 2018, during an infiltration, David was captured by Abstergo agents. For months, Emily desperately searched for David, hoping to find him, but never came close to succeeding. Emily eventually believed him dead and vowed revenge on Abstergo.

Encountering Red Cross Edit

In 2019, a year after David's capture, a Templar assassin known only as Red Cross began killing assassins. Emily was also targeted, but she was able to escape with her life. She began pursuing Red Cross after he killed her father Sean. During that time, Emily became a mentor and trained James Munson, Xander Hall and Steven Bixban.

Discovering Red Cross's true identity Edit

In 2021, Red Cross raided an Assassin safe house. Emily encountered him again and the two fought. Midway, Emily knocked off his mask and, much to her shock, Red Cross is really her younger brother David, who had been brainwashed by Abstergo Industries. David escaped and Emily was filled with disbelief.

Battling Red Cross Edit

During a raid on Abstergo Industries, Emily once again came face to face with David. Emily tried to get him to remember who he is, but to no avil. The two then fought, with the fight on equal ground at first, but Emily was able to stab David in the stomach. David then thanked Emily for releasing him and then died in her arms. Emily cradled his dead body and cried while singing him a lullaby.

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