" This man has opened his eyes, we see the threat, I want you to kill him"-Abstergo employee discussing Eisenhower in1969

Dwight David Esenhower (October 14 1890 to March 28 1969) was the 34 president of the United States

Initially, Eisenhower was a puppet of the Templars. He allowed them to carry out coups against governments in Guatemala and Iran. He also helped conceal information about them. He finally realised that the Templars were playing his presidency. After this, he abandoned the Templars and began contacting the Assassins in secret. In 1961, Eisenhower warned the public of Abstergos intentions. After his presidency, he kept a close link with the Assassins and gained information from them about Templar activities in vitenam. In 1969, the Templars discovered Eisenhower's connections to the Assassins, and had killed him. Days later, the Assassins tracked down the Templar agents responsible and killed them. The death of Eisenhower was made to look like natural causes.

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