Duqaq was the king of Damascus overlooking all of his enemies closely, because of the incident he had with his brother Radwan. Radwan took the throne of Antioch before Duqaq had any chance of siezing control of it so he was forced to take over on of the less popular cities around. Duqaq had several alliances in the Siege of Antioch such as Jerusalem and Acre for you see he wanted to destroy his brother at all cost so he allied with powerful forces such as the Crusaders. On the other hand Radwan didn't go unprotected he had Arsuf in his alliance. Radwan fought hard but his alliance didn't do much Arsuf just stayed back until the siege was over. Duqaq and his alliances killed Radwan and gave Kerbogha of Jerusalem throne to Antioch and made alliances with Acre, Jerusalem, and Damascus. Soon after the Siege of Antioch these four alliances hunted down every last person of Arsuf and destroyed the city for good it hasn't been rebuilt yet and nobody knows if it ever will be.

Most used weaponEdit

Duqaq's most used weapon would have to be the Explosive Crossbow. In the of the Siege of Antioch he used this crossbow to take out several enemies at once he always had carried leather bolts,which caught on fire very easily, and shot it at a big group and it just blew up and bodies went flying. Duqaq used a Crossbow (not his crossbow) to take out his brother Radwan and finally end the war. He used a crossbow because he was more of an overlooker and strategic genius than a barbaric crusader.