"Attention all agents here and abroad, our man has entered the White House, he will ensure that our message reaches the world."-Abstergo member announcing Trumps election in 2016.

Donald John Trump (lsobonownrns DonaldJJuTrumpne 14 1946) is the 45th president of the United States.

Prior to the election, Trump had close ties to Abstergo,especially in the middle East. He allowed deals with Templar-backed countries, such as Bahrain, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. He also met Warren Vidic at an Abstergo facility in Doha in 1997. In 2016, Trump was supported by the Templars while running for president. He ran against Bernie Sanders and Hilary clinton. thanks to Templar hacking, Trump won the election. On the day of his inauguration, John Holmes, An Assassin investigating Trump, was killed in Paris by Templar mercenaries. In 2017, Trump sent hundreds of troops to war torn Syria and Iraq. Unknown to the public, the goals of the invasion was not only to remove various militias and terrorist groups from that region, but secretly to also secure the area so that the Templars could later search for Templar related artifacts in that area, as well as artifacts left behind by the Isu.