"I do things my own way, the Creed is a bunch of nonsense and so was my father"
―Dakarai Mubarak
Dakarai Mubarak
Crusade Assassin
Biographical information

404 BC



Time period

28th Dynasty of Egypt

Political information


Dakarai Mubarak (404 BC - unknown) was an Egyptian Assassin, during the 28th Dynasty of Egypt (or in other words Ancient Egypt), he was known for killing the Templar general Moshe and also being the first Assassin in Egypt to free run. He was also an ancestor of Julie Van Silvere and her son Andrew Whitehound.


Early LifeEdit

Dakarai was an orphan from a very early age after his parents were tortured and killed in a misunderstanding. Dakarai was a thief, he was also a known thief for being able to free run (an uncommon thing for Egypt at the time).

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