"I kill people, not just for the money, not just for the reputation. I kill people because I like it"


175 lbs.
Saladin (formerly)
The Brotherhood
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Throwing Knifes


Cenaï was an infamous ex-assassin who was responsible for many famous deaths.

History Edit

Background Edit

Like many other Assassins, Cenaï was born into the brotherhood, but was not as easily disciplined as his peers. Cenaï was son to another Assassin, Rashah, but Cenaï's father had been killed on a mission some time after his birth, and his mother, Kalina, died during Cenaï's birth. This lack of parents left Cenaï a lost child, being brought up by the order, but unlike one of his peers, the famous Altaïr, Cenaï did not have much compassion for the order.

Time in the Brotherhood Edit

Cenaï was a student-assassin and didn't show any special skill during his first years. But as the students were sent to complete small missions, Cenaï became famous as a cruel assassin, and often lacked discipline. His teachers became concerned and suggested removing him from duty, but Cenaï was an excellent student and a promising assassin. When he 'graduated' from the assassin college, he always completed his missions successfully, but innocent people were frequently killed. The masters from the Brotherhood decided to suspend him. When Cenaï heard this, he became furious and ran away, remaining in possession of his weapons. The Brotherhood tried to find him for a long time, but Cenaï was a master of stealth and they had no luck. Eventually, the Brotherhood decided Cenaï wasn't a danger anymore and stopped the search.

Time as a Hired Killer Edit

After he ran away from the Assassins, Cenaï wandered around for a long time, frustrated about what to do. Eventually, he came up with a plan that would combine his skills and weapons and gain him reputation and gold. He went to Jerusalem and stayed there for a couple years, roaming around in the Poor, Middle and the Rich district. He heard of a man named Kahuna, who would pay large sums of money to the person who would 'grant him a honor'. He visited the man and, as Cenaï expected, had to assassinate one of Kahuna's rivals. He did this with relative ease and returned to Kahuna. Kahuna, however, didn't want to pay Cenaï. In rage, Cenaï killed Kahuna and was arrested by Kahuna's personal guard. Cenaï escaped out of prison, only a couple minutes after he had been locked up. He couldn't show his face in public, but he had earned a reputation and was quickly contacted by a political who ordered him to assassinate a concurrent. From that moment, he was one of the most feared bounty hunters of the Middle-East.

When the Brotherhood heard about this, they decided to kill Cenaï. They set up a trap in Cenaï's house, with various experienced assassins. But Cenaï was extra careful since he had murdered Kahuna and discovered the trap. He snuck into his own house, discreetly assassinating the various assassins who were scattered in his house. Eventually, only their leader left behind and the two dueled furiously, partly destroying Cenaï's house. Cenaï was able to defeat the master and continued his life as a bounty hunter.

Death Edit

After many successful assassinations on high-ranking commanders and generals of both Christian and Muslim side in the Holy War, Saladin and Richard himself came to know of Cenaï. Richard decided that Cenaï was an immediate threat and had to be killed immediatly, but Saladin saw his chances and contacted CenaÏ with the promise of more money he could ever imagine. Cenaï came to the agreement and accepted his final and biggest task: kill Richard the Lionheart. By the promise of so much wealth, Cenaï accepted and journeyed to England. After many unsuccessful attempts, Richard's guard doubled and it became almost impossible for Cenaï to assassinate Richard. Cenaï, however, decided that, in the middle of a battle, Richard and his soldiers would be distracted and then would be the perfect time to strike. And, in the midst of a battle, Cenaï pierced the shoulder of Richard with a throwing knife, leaving Richard to die.

When he returned to Jerusalem, he messaged Saladin that the job was done. Saladin said that he had to come the next day to Acre to claim his prize. When Cenaï arrived at Acre, he was captured by soldiers and brought to the center of the city. There, Saladin accused him of treachery for the people of Acre and the people yelled that he had to be killed. When Cenaï was brought to the gallow, Saladin whispered in his ear: "If I had let you live, someone may have paid for my life - I cannot take such a risk". Cenaï was then hung up, ending the history of the infamous assassin.