"My father's dead...he was one of you once...please let me join you"
―Caroline Ravensdale
Caroline Ravensdale
Caroline Ravensdale
Biographical information

October 29, 1915


September 5, 1965 (age 49)

Time period

World War II/Modern Time

Political information


Caroline Ravensdale (1915 - 1965) was an Assassin. She fought in World War II alongside Arne Führend and was part of the infamous Ravensdale family. She was the great-granddaughter of Mortimer Ravensdale, granddaughter of Charles Ravensdale, daughter of Theodore Ravensdale, grandmother of the twins Barry and Thomas Whitehound, and great-grandmother to Andrew Whitehound and Carlos Álvarez.


Early LifeEdit

Caroline was born in 1915, to British Assassin father Theodore Ravensdale and American mother Allison Field. She was raised an ordinary life until her mother died of scarlet fever in 1921, Caroline and Theodore then moved to Connecticut and spent then next 12 years there. One day a rogue Assassin came to the house and attacked her father, the man seemed to be beating her father and he shot him in the knee and put a blade to his throat, Caroline was afraid and grabbed the man's gun and pointed it at him. Theodore told her to shoot them both as it was the only way, she then shot the man and her father. She then took her father's Hidden Blade and went off into the sunset.

Joining the AssassinsEdit

Caroline spent the next 2 years trying to discover her father's past and eventually found a lead on the Assassin Order in America. One day she was about to be mugged by a man but was saved by an Assassin named Gabriel Whitehound she then told him (see quote above) and asked for his help, Gabriel agreed and took her to the Assassin Order. The Assassins knew who she was straight away and began training her immedietley. She finished her training in 1939 a month before World War II broke out.

World War IIEdit

After World War II broke out, The Assassins knew that the Templars were behind the Nazi party and so they joined The Allies, Caroline and Gabriel Whitehound were assigned to go to Germany and fight the Templars. One day while in a battle, Gabriel proposed to Caroline stating he wanted her to know if they didn't make it out, Caroline then agreed to marry him after they survived this encounter and they did. In 1944, Caroline discovered that a Templar named Joseph Goebbels had sent the Assassin to kill her father, Caroline wanted revenge and spent the next year devoted to finding him. In May, 1945 she encountered her target and battled him with the help of Gabriel she killed Joseph. The two then spent the next 4 months fighting Templars until the war's end.

Post-World WarEdit

After the war she and Gabriel married and she took the name Caroline Whitehound instead of Ravensdale as that name was too notorious in their secret war. Gabriel and Caroline spent the next eight years fighting Templars before retiring, she then fell pregnant a month later.

Later Life and DeathEdit

After giving birth to her son Theodore Whitehound in 1953, she and Gabriel never trained him and never told him about the Assassin Order and they lived a normal life until 1965, when a rogue Assassin gave a tidbit to the Templar Order of the Assassins whereabouts, they launched an attic on all Assassins including Caroline and Gabriel. They stormed in the house, the two told Carl to run as far as possible and to never look back, Caroline and Gabriel then put up a great fight hoarding off most of them but they were eventually killed by overwhelming forces.


She was the grandmother of twins Thomas and Barry Whitehound and if she had not told her son Carl to run that day, he would of probably died with him thus not leading to the birth of the twins, which the twins would play an important role in The Assassin Order.


  • The name Caroline means "Manly" in American meaning, ironic how she was a tomboy and did male deeds in her life

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