The Caribbean Purge (commonly known as The Purge) was aTemplar operation with the intent to ensure eradication of the Caribbean Brotherhood. The few remaining Assassins were forced into hiding, and from then on, they began operating in small cells.

Participants Edit

Templars Edit

Individuals that took part on the Templars' side

  • Madeleine François de Bullion (Grand Master; Conservative branch 1772–1781)
  • Charlotte LeFay (Grand Master; 1781–1791)
  • Augustin Rouen (Grand Master; 1791–1807)
  • Jeanne de Orpheus
  • Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus
  • Francesco Malfetti
  • Shalin Yangming
  • Alejandro Torres
  • Edward Rockmail
  • Marcus Rockmail
  • Marquis de Pimôdan (Grand Master; Radical branch; 1767–1778)
  • Dorothy Judge (Black Cross)
  • Captain Bonviert
  • Eric Johnson
  • Margarida Estanyol
  • El Cazador
  • Templar Captain
  • Thierry Dieudonné
  • Agnes Lootbox
  • Eugiène Blaise
  • A British officer in Nassau
  • Pedro (d.: 1772)
  • André (d.: 1772)
  • Adler Klieger
  • Marie Flint
  • Edmund Denzel
  • Lady Concord (Formerly; 1767–1772)
  • Eric Rackham (Formerly; 1769–1773)

Templar A/Ps Edit

Templars' allies and puppets

  • Callum Kerr (Colonial Rite)
  • Sean Harrison (Colonial Rite)
  • July Concord (Colonial Rite)
  • Quentin Blaise (Louisianan Rite)
  • Madeleine de L'Isle (Louisianan Rite)
  • Diego Vázquez (Louisianan Rite)
  • Carlos Vázquez (Louisianan Rite)
  • Isabelle Vázquez (Louisianan Rite)
  • Hernán Velasquez (Spanish Rite)
  • Marie Brunet (French Rite)
  • Philippe de Grandpré
  • Orlando Salviati
  • Caterina Salviati
  • Jerome Salviati
  • Juan Antonelli
  • Mr. Thomas (Formerly; 1756–1768)

Assassins Edit

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