My Brothers if we die tonight let us know that with our death a life will be born to avenge us

Calvin hours before his death

Calvin was a solider for the Confederate States of America in the Civil War Era he is the brother of Simon and Nathan Heath,Son of General Clark Heath and Virginia Heath.He is the husband of Sarah Edmonds he is best known for being the Ancestor of Blake Delmar and Zachary Wilson and Killer of Templer Jerimiah Evans.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Calvin Heath was born on August 3rd 1836 to Clark and Virginia Heath,as a child Calvin found an intrest in Stratagies and Tactics,at the age of 6,Calvin became a older brother when Nathan Heath was born 2 years later Simon was born.At the Age of 12 Calvin freed a quater his fathers Slaves he begged his father to keep them safe and so he did.

At the age of 14 Calvin began a protest to free the slaves Templar Jerimiah Evans broke his two legs that day,6 months later went by until he got the use of his legs back at the age of 16 when his Father went to fight in The Second Anglo Burmese War,to help England he came back with the rank of General for taking out a fleet of Burma with only a tank for support.Clark now crippled spent more time with his sons mainly Calvin.

When Calvin was 18 he snuck out to meetings where people protested about Slavery he once met John Brown and the two had a conversation about Slavery three days later John Brown was hanged Calvin stood in the audience trying to save him by could not get past Evans.

The WarEdit

When Abraham Lincoln stated that the America would go to War with itself,Calvin was first inline to sign up for the Confederate Army,Calvin was chosen for the postion if toilet cleaner and took the job,dissapointed Calvin went to the local bar and became intoxicated he nearly walked infront of a horse cariage but was saved by Nathan who took him to an Inn.The next day Calvin woke up witha painfull headache (hangover) he ran to his post and found every one in that area had been sentenced to death by the South.Calvin managed to save them all by using a log attached to a rope to crush all of the southen soldiers.

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