Benjamin Trotter

Benjamin Trotter

7 July 1804

Chicago, Illinois

5 May 1837

Cayman Islands

The Caribbean
Immediate family
Jennifer Ryan (wife)

Christian Ryan (son)

George Talbot (half-brother)
Extended family
James Trotter (father)

Regina Lovato (mother)

Rodney Talbot (stepfather)
Assassin's Order
United States of America

 "Brianna, who's Brianna? Your daughter, your mother, your wife, your sister, your aunty, cousin, friend?"

Benjamin talking about Brianna to a Johnson of The Sweet Bernadette

Benjamin Trotter (1804 - 1837) was an American pirate and assassin. He was a good friend of Susanna Delfino's and captain of The Sweet Bernadette and later Wolverine. Benjamin was the arch-nemesis of Frederic Campbell


Early LifeEdit

Benjamin was born in Chicago, Illinois to James and Regina Trotter (nee Lovato). He was the youngest of three, having an older brother, Henry, and an older sister, Charlotte - Charlotte being the eldest. When he was 10, his parents divorced and Regina moved away to Colorado Springs, Colorado with Charlotte and himself. When his mother remarried Rodbey Talbot, he moved out. Benjamin found his father and they lived together until 1816 when they became pirates. At only 11, Benjamin soon learned the ways around piracy and sailing aboard The Mystic Pearl with his father as captain. In 1817, The Mystic Pearl was destroyed by Spanish legion ships and only 7/22 people aboard made it to shore, including Benjamin and his father. The land was Florida so James and Benjamin moved to Tampa. In 1818, Benjamin had met Susanna Delfino who had just moved from The Bahamas. They soon became good friends and eventually assassins together. In early 1819, they met Mexican runaway, Miguel de Torremolinos and all three were wanted assassins. In 1820, much to Benjamin's and Miguel's upset, Susanna moved back to The Bahamas when her mother, Helena, had fell ill so the two carried on just as Susanna had requested, however, this soon changed when they founded a pirate ship which they called The Sweet Bernadette after a girl that they both liked. 

Pirate LifeEdit

As Miguel and Benjamin sailed on, they soon were reunited with Susanna Delfino in 1823 after her mother's death. Susanna was looking for her father so they immediately offered to help her find him. Their crew had now increased to 17. The crew included Robert Cash, a famous Jamaican criminal but a loyal and kind person. First, they set sail to a few islands for loot until finally searching for Susanna's father. When they found out he was in Jamaica, they set sail for Kingston but were ambushed by British Legion battle ships. In this tragedy; they lost 7 of their 17 crew members, including Miguel de Torremolinos. With the remaining ruins of the ship which the Brtish caused, they sailed on to Kingston. Unfortunately for them, a few miles from shore, the boat begins to sink. 7 of the 10 men were lost in this. Three more (Susanna, Benjamin and Handyman Harry) manage to swim to Kingston and report their tragedy until the British Legionaires that had attacked them before chased them into Central Kingston. There, two of the men killed Handyman Harry - leaving Benjamin and Susanna Delfino alive to find Thomas Briggs. They soon became lovers, but went their seperate ways eventually. Benjamin does not know wether Susanna found her father or not. He was an assassin for 10 years before he met Jennifer Ryan. She became pregnant in 1835 so the two married. On the 15 October 1835, Jennifer gave birth to a boy they named Christian Ryan. He kept Ryan because of how ashamed Benjamin was of his awful family. His family was hunted down by Frederic Campbell, so Benjamin had to start assassination again until Frederic was dead. On the 5 May 1837, Benjamin managed to kill Frederic but was later killed by the American authorities with him.

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