Chapter One: Leonard Auditore, Son of Ezio

 My name is Leonard Auditore da Firenze. And I was born in Florence, the birthplace of my father… Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

 A decade ago, when I was six years old my father was murdered by the son of one of his biggest enemies. My mother, who is known as Rosa Auditore, was then attacked and killed by the same man. This man’s name is Julius Borgia, and he now rules the Templar Order.

 I was sent to my father’s good friend, Antonio de Magianis so that I could be trained when I became of age. During my 13th birthday, Antonio had explained why my mother and father’s deaths had occurred and he decided to teach me all I needed to know to defend myself.

 Now that I am educated and trained, I know what I must do. I must continue my father’s work and put an end to the Templars. But most importantly, I must find Julius Borgia and kill him.

 Today my ship lands back in Florence and I will make myself back to my father’s home, so that I will discover the secrets that I are hidden in there. My Hidden Blade is ready for any Templars that get in my way and Antonio is here to guide me through.

 But still, I wonder if this is the still Florence I knew as a child. I remember dancing around with the other children and playing the carnival games. I sigh as I exit the ship, with Antonio following behind me.

 As I scan the area around me I see some Templar guards walking through the streets. I don’t think that they know that I am an Assassin or a Trainee right now. After all, I haven’t been accepted into the Brotherhood yet.

 I take the shortcut to my father’s villa, the rooftops. I start to smile as I enjoy the beauty of the city. It was my home, the place where I was born. Now here I was, back where I belonged.

 I continue to stealthily work my way through the rooftops.  

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