Assassin's Creed Heritage
Assassin's Creed: Heritage is a novel written by Oliver Bowden based on the events in Kyle Lenards and Howard Quood's life it is a split-story, it will be set in an alternate timeline and shows Kyle Lenards discovering his Assassin heritage and will show Howard Quood writing events in his journal. It will be published in late 2014.


Young Kyle Lenards has been kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and has been told of the Assassins and Templars, two days later Kyle escapes from Abstergo and goes on a journey to discover his heritage.

Meanwhile in 1715, Kyle's ancestor Howard Quood recalls his early life up to the present in his journal on the Jackdaw.

Howard's JournalEdit

December 25, 1702Edit

My name is Howard Quood, I just got this journal for Christmas. It's from my father, I might as well write about my back story. I was born in 1695, Ireland...My father is an Assassin...That's what I think its called anyway, my father has been training my older brother and I since the age we could hold one, we are to become Assassins he says. I am seven-years-old currently, sometime this year my father, mother, brother and I moved to London. I was hoping to make friends here but I was wrong, father always keeps me inside to train me and to tutor me on the Assassin history...boring. My brother and I are close and I guess that is enough.

July 15, 1703Edit

Today is my birthday, I am now eight. I haven't wrote much, I can only write in it occasionally due to my training and tutoring, father is very strict though he trains me too hard like something bad is going to happen to me or something. Usually we never celebrate my birthday but I guess its a special occasion since I am now eight, two more years away from ten. It is a family tradition to celebrate eight birthdays, its rather odd. Father is taking me and only me to the theater today, on my brother's eighth birthday father took him to the theater also, I wonder if we are going to see the same play as they did?

July 16, 1703Edit

I'm so fatigued from training today, I'm shaking from writing this but I must due to what happened yesterday it was amazing...when the theater came to an end, bandits crashed in and attacked my father but a blade emerged from his gauntlet he always wore and his cane turned to a sword and he fought off all the bandits me and father then escaped by carriage it was amazing...I have a new found respect for my father.

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