Arne Nathanel Führend
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April 8, 1962

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Modern Times/ WWII

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Arne "Der Adler" Nathanel Führend (1909- 1962) was a German Assassin during World War II. He was the Master Assassin who lead the secret assassination of Adolf Hitler and help many Jews escape the Nazi consentration camps during the Holocaust. He is the father of Adam Forman and grandfather of Kyle Forman. He was nicknamed "'Der Adler", which is German for "The Eagle".

Early LifeEdit

Arne was born in Hildesheim, Germany in 1909. His father, August Führend, died during WWI in 1916. Arne's mother, Bertha Führend, remarried to a jewish man named Earnest Beilszowska a year later. Arne was then raised to be jewish like is stepfather. In 1918, Bertha gave birth to a baby boy, Randolph Beilszowska, and the family moved to Berlin. In 1920, When Arne was coming home from school and met an Austrian Assassin, Ehren Hofler, who then becomes a father figure to Arne. Ehren then teaches Anre how to fight and use weapens.

Life as an AssassinEdit

Becoming an AssassinEdit

In September 1933, Ehren introduces Arne to the hidden blade. Two days later, Ehren was arrested, ordered by Hitler himself. Arne attempted to rescue him but then saw that Ehren was then beaten by Nazi troops to get him to tell them where the "piece of eden" was. When the Nazi Troops left, Ehren then told Arne the location of the piece of eden and told him to never let the Nazis get there hands on the Apple. That hour, a Nazi troop then put Ehren to death with one shot to the head. Arne then went to the location Ehren told him to go to find the apple. There he found the apple and took it with him back with him to his house. He hid the apple in his attic and then swore to avenge Ehren's death. In January 1934, Berlin became terrible place to live. Arne's stepfather, Earnest, lost his job as a banker. Arne's half-brother, Randolph, would be beaten and discriminated against every day at school. One day, Arne ran into a Nazi troop who was beating Randolph. Arne then helped his half-brother and pushed the Nazi troop away from Randolph. The Nazi troop then gets irritated and points a gun at Arne. Arne then stabbed the Nazi troop with his hidden blade. Arne then realized that he was then wanted for murder, so he then left Berlin, leaving the apple of eden in Berlin (which later a Nazi troop found and gave to Hitler). Arne fled to Switzerland and met up with fellow English Assassin, Edward Lloyd. The two then assassinated several Nazi politicians.

Family SituationEdit

As years went by Berlin becomes worse. In Oc

Arne in 1943

tober 1939, Earnest, Bertha, and Randolph, were all arrested. The family was then sent to a concentration camp. When Arne heared of this he then sneaks in the camp and then searched for his family. He found his mother and half-brother still alive but learns that Earnest was killed. He then kills a few Nazi guards on patrol and snuck his family out of there, taking them to a hideout in Maienfeld, Switzlerland.


When Arne returned to the hideout in Maienfeld, Arne requests Edward to train Randolph to become an Assassin. In January 1942, following a tip-off from Miish Llye, one of his recruits, Arne then headed off to Czech Republic to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Main Security Office. He was then lead to Prague where Hitler was supposed to have a meeting with Heydrich. Arne then ambushed Heydrich and his men in the corner of an alley way. After the death of Heydrich, Arne's next target was Heinrich Himmler, the Military Commander of the Nazi Party. In November 1943, when Himmler was on the road returning to Berlin, Arne then ambushed Himmler and threatened Himmler for his life to find out what Hitler was planning. Himmler told Arne everything, so Arne then spared his life.

The End of the WarEdit

Death of HitlerEdit

In 1945, Arne, Randolph and Edward then traveled to Berlin. In April 30, everyone in Berlin committed a mass suicide. Although Hitler faked his own death with a body double to meet up with his fellow Templars. Arne and Randolph then broke into Hitler's office and Arne found a letter saying that Hitler is still alive and will meet up with the other Templars outside Berlin. Arne then hid outside of Berlin wait for Hitler to arrive. After hours of waiting, he finally arrived holding a briefcase. Arne sent the signal the Randolph to kill the Nazi guards protecting Hitler. Arne then assassinated Adolf Hitler with his hidden blade. Randolph found the apple of eden in the briefcase Hitler was holding. Randolph gave the apple to Arne and he hid the apple in the Congress Vault under Berlin.

The trapEdit

Sometime around 1949, Miish Llye, an Assassin recruit, was arrested by the new (Templar-backed) Communist government of East Berlin, tortured, and forced to divulge the secrets of the German Assassins. The Templars planned an ambush for Arne, trying to kill him in a crossfire of AK rounds in an abandoned tunnel. However, Arne quickly saw though the trap, and single-handedly killed the twenty or so Templars trying to ambush him. Miish was rescued, but she died from her injuries. Events like these hastened Arne's settling down to a quiet life.

Later LifeEdit

Arne later settled down and married a woman named Carolina Hofmann. In 1948, the two had a son named Adam Führend, who later changed his name to Adam Forman. The family moved to the US a year later.