Arbaaz Saif Al Isam


Arbaaz Saif Al Isam
"Protector" or "Isam"
Swordsmanship, Hand to Hand Specialist
Hand to Hand, Hidden Blade and Assassin's sword
Acre, Masyaf
Hashashin's Order

Arbaaz Saif Al Isam was an Hashashin of the Hashashin's Order during the Third Crusade. He was born in Acre, in the middle district, but soon moved to Masyaf because his mother was being threatened by guards. At a young age he was selected to be an Assassin. He trained with the Assassins and became a top Swordsman as well as hand to hand combat specialist among the order. He and Ikraam Abd-al Aqil became good friends while on a mission together and have been working together ever since.

Arbaaz was usually sent to kill Teutonic Knight Captains along with Ikraam Abd-al Aqil. Because the Teutonic Knights mostly guarded the middle district of Acre, Arbaaz knew where everything was from when he was a child. He was known for his skill with his sword. Usually the impatient one, Arbaaz had to be stopped by Ikraam before jeopardizing missions.


Arbaaz wore a grey shemagh under his hood and wore white robes with the hood coloured grey. He was always clean shaven, had black hair and brown eyes. He was very strong and agile, (requirements of the Hashashin) but was considered a smaller man. His skin was light brown.


Arbaaz was generally kind t his fellow assassins, however he despised his enemies and was notorious for excessive punishment to prisoners. He also stuck up for new assassins and helped teach them of his techniques. He was seen as a leader to many other assassins but thought of himself as someone who was good at leading but needed someone to call the shots every once in a while. He believed that large groups with one or two leaders was ineffecient and thought that having two soldiers who worked together with eachother was better.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Arbaaz would use his hand to hand skills while facig regular target, most of the time, however on higher value targets he would not make the room for mistakes and used his sword. He generally liked using his hands more but was just as good at fighting with his sword.

Hand to Hand MovesEdit

  • Counter attack 1: The enemy lunges with a sword(or punches) then Arbaaz grabs their arm and breaks it. He then grabs their chin and the back of their head and snaps their neck.
  • Counter attack 2: The opponent attacks with a sword and Arbaaz kicks it aside, which is followed by him punching the opponents nose in.
  • Kick: A roundhouse kick to the head, torso or legs.
  • Punch: A punch(!).
  • Headbutt: Arbaaz headbutts the enemy's nose.


  • His name means "Eagle, Sword of the Protector".