Anntonio Rexxen (1425-1512) was a Templar nobleman.


Early LifeEdit

When he was 5 years old thiefs burst in his home. They stabbed his father 5 times and his mother once. They stuck a knife in his heart and left him for dead but he survived because of a doctor called Arlo. When he was 16 he hunted and killed the thiefs. Micheletto Corella took him as his apprentice and trained him to be a killer.

Becoming a noblemanEdit

When he was 21 he became a servant of Milo Prog the 100th Doge of Venice. One night the servants rebelled and tried to kill Milo. Annt led them into an ambush. For this he was given land and gold. He also became Milos banker.

Plotting with the TemplarsEdit

When he was 73 he became involved with the Templars. Milos son Rodrigo was the new Doge. He was invited to a meeting on the Rialto bridge. As he,Andrew Mal, Tiee Blon and Merinze Orgo walked they were watched by Ezio. Annt was tasked with letting Blons troops into the Palazzo.


As he drank with Rodrigo Ezio got into the Palazzo through underground tunnles. As Annt left to open the gates Ezio shouted stop but was to late. When a dozen troops marched in Rodrigo came out to see what was going on but Blon shot him with an arrow. Annt fled the palazzo but was pursued by Ezio. He eventually caught up with Annt and stabbed him with his hidden blade.

Final WordsEdit

Annt: You have not won assassin. Tommorow Andrew will arrive from Florence with his army and they will take over Venice.

Ezio: I do this not for myself. Rest in Peace.

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