White Rose

A White Rose Angelique laid them on her targets bodies

"I have never been one for causes, for clawing deep my reason into this Earth. I fight not for Creeds and Orders, but for the people, for liberty. I fight so that our children might know peace one day. Aye My hatred has passed, and I am tired, may you find peace with God, may he have Mercy on your wretched soul." - Angelique to Dane Plozkat, 1781

Angelique Juene Fille(1754-1824), Known as either Aero or The White Rose, was a French Assassin, who played a role in the American Revolution and was widely renowned for her Winter Warfare tactics. Angelique was spiraled into a crusade of vengeance that bled well past two decades of her life, all starting on her 17th birthday, the day her family was murdered by Templar Soldiers. She watched in horror as they dragged her older sisters away and killed the youngest, she caught sight of their leaders and she swore on that moment that she would never rest until the men who were responsible were dead at her feet. She sought the aid of Michael Sinclair, a man her mother spoke highly of and told her to seek out if anything should happen, Michael gave her a list of the men responsible and took her in, furthering her training to be an Assassin, much to her stress as she wanted to get on the road to revenge. After her training she was released onto the hunt for the men. Her hunt took her over seas to Britain, Italy, The Caribbean, Spain, and The Americas and many more locations. Soon assassinating the Templars responsible for her family's death became only part of her task as she found out that a few sisters were alive, and during her Manhunt she became unwittingly a part of the American Revolution. Angelique set out to free her sisters and avenge her family and save what was left of it. Her journey stretched on for 40 years, in that time she found herself, her cause, and was content with her life. She finally freed her sisters, and turned them to the way of the Assassins, with a sense of satisfaction as she knew she had made her mother proud and her work was still far from over.

Early LifeEdit

Angelique was the definition of pure beauty her voice produced haunting and beautiful songs, her bright green eyes were enough to drive any man wild, her amazing long brown hair cascading down her back like angels twirling ribbons of silk, she wore the look of a Noble on her flesh but born into a life of work on the family farmstead, her brothers left off to join the French Soldiers after they caught wind of French involvement in the American Revolutionary War. leaving Angelique with her Mother Francesca, and her six sisters, Lily, Adell, Sophie, Isabelle, Clarissa, and Jennette. Angelique's mother trained her children carefully in case anything were to go wrong, taking many escape and safety precautions, as well as combat, hunting, horseback riding, and many other exercises.

On her 17th Birthday Angelique was gifted a Black Andalusian horse which she named Meldainiel. The celebration would be short lived as Francesca's worst nightmare became reality, she sent her children into hiding quickly as she knew the quiet life on the farm would come to a shattering end as the black tips of spears were seen on the horizon, and armored men marched upon the farmstead. Angelique watched her sisters cut down and dragged away and watched her mother take up arms and engage the men, cutting them down one by one with horrific grace. The odds it seemed were against Francesca, and she was soon overwhelmed and the ringing of steel was replaced with cruel silence. She looked upon a young man astride a great war horse. His eyes grey and his face hardened from battle, he had a strange accent as he barked orders and spoke amongst his fellow ring leaders. As she laid in the fields and waited, the soldiers soon left. She caught the scent of charring wood and watched as smoke soon filled the air. She rose from the ground and gazed upon her home, all she ever knew, swallowed by the raging inferno, she saw her mother laid by her younger sisters, she sprinted over to her dying mother and held her close, Francesca divulged her secrets, admitting to being an Assassin, and confessed her sorrow, that it was now time for Angelique to take on the burden, she directed her to a secret room under the barn, told her to take everything and seek out a man named Michael Sinclair in Paris, and as she gasped her last words of love for her daughter, she passed in Angelique's arms.

Angelique did as instructed and found her Mother's Assassin Robes and Weaponry along with several other items, she also found rooms with the names of her sisters and brothers on them, inside were also Assassin Robes and weapons, Angelique found a letter of which had her name on it and stated that she only read it when the time is right. She decided to wait and put on her new garment and weapons, she finished packing up her belongings and suiting up, moving out all the items in the room and packing them into chests which she loaded on a wagon. She readied her new horse and buried her mother and sisters, singing them a farewell as her mother once told her that song soothes the spirit to rest peacefully. Angelique began down the path walking her wagon to Paris looking back at once was her home, knowing she would never return and it would never be the same.

Life On The HuntEdit

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