Alisters is a Half Aboriginal half British Assassin Who existed around 1788-1830s, in the Country of New Holland in the colony of new south wales He was born in December 1788 and his birth name was Anambee. When he joined the Assassins in 1800 he adapted his Fathers name.

Father in the first fleet

In February 1788 the first fleet arrived in Sydney cove, Anambee's father Alister was a Irish- English redcoat soldier in the fleet, first contact with the aboriginal population was with 2 tribes a very hostile one and a peaceful one, the hostile one didn't work,out but that night the peaceful tribe invited the soldiers to dance with them and they went and in the process Alister meets and falls in love with an Aboriginal girl and they had sex. He ended up staying with the tribe and learning there ways, he found it a good departure from his Assassin background, the girl fell preganut. And he learnt the tribes language And lived there for about a year. It was now 1789 and the soldiers were ordered to capture Alister due to betrayal of the britsh navy. And so starts to open fire their muskets at the aboriginals. Alister walks out telling all the aboriginal men to stay back, Alister was agreeing to come without any fight until he sees what damage they have already done to the tribe So he starts to resist capture by fighting them with his hidden blades. All the other aborigines run in with spears, shields and axes wanting to help. Some aboriginals picked up some of the muskets and used them. But not seeing the captian behind him he gets shop in the head by a flintlock pistol, through anger Anambee's mother picks up a musket thinking it was like a spear she throws it towards the captain impaling him through the neck. And the rest of the hunters finished off the rest of the red coats

Anambee joining the Assassins

He was only 12 when he joined the Assassins in the year 1800, he was running from the horrors the white men have done to his people such as the murder of his mother,the raping of the women and the constant fighting. He was living by himself in the Bushlands near the Green hills settlement. A wool grower by the name of John Macaurthur spots Anambee and mistook him for another white man because of his rather little colour, But he ended up asking the small child if he could speak English of course, Anambee couldn't understand there tongue. He was too scared, he had managed to survive just with a spear and a stone Axe. John tries to walk closer to Anambee but he runs of and climbs a tree, John then waited abit and then he continued his trip home. Anambee follows Johns cart to his house where he saw herds of Sheep and farmland as well as a beautiful wood house. Anambee jumps one of the fences and into one of the paddocks, Anambee had never seen one of these creatures before. He could tell they seemed freindly, so he approaches a one of them to pet one but one of the Rams didn't like the idea of an Aboriginal boy approaching him, so he knocks Anambee back. The other sheep make a load noise and John comes out to see whats happening, he sees Anambee in one of the Paddocks with a ram about to charge, John didn't stop what was happen he just watched to see what Anambee would do. Anambee backs up slowly towards the fence. And he pulls out his stone Axe. Anambee trying to remember what his mother taught him about killing snakes in to Avoid the teeth but in this case avoid the horns. The Ram runs at him with speed Anambee, Grabs the horns of the ram and hits the ram in the head with the Axe, killing the ram. John wasn't particularly happen about him killing some of his life stock, but he was impressed and John from there had taken care of Anambee, his wife Mary taught his how to speak English and they learnt what happened to him. John hearing the tale of his Father Alister recognized who he was talking about and from then John was Anambee's Mentor. And therefore Anambee adopted the name Alister

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