“Ah but that is where you are wrong the individuality and diversity, of this world and it’s people are what make it grand, it is when people such as yourself try to banish the anarchic ways of society that humanity ceases to exist”

Alerio’s last words to one of his many assassination targets.

Basic information
November 12, 18??
September 6 ????
Time Period
Victorian England
(approximately) 5 ft
199 lbs

Early LifeEdit

Alerio (18?? - ????) was born onboard a ship bound for the city of London, England. On the ship his mother gave birth to him during a violent storm on a cold night. While giving birth his mother died due to complications during child birth, and thus giveing Alerio "his first victem". Alerio's father was a man of unknown identity who abandoned Alerio when he was old enough to walk, leaving him only his life and a name.

Early in his life Alerio began working in a factory, during his time working he befriended an Irish boy by Duncan. The two developed a life long friendship. Eventually Alerio left his life of working and became a theif steeling from people on the streets. One day he was caught stealing a loaf of bread by a guard, and as punishment the guard intended to cut his wrist to teach him to uphold the law. It was at this point that a man interviened stoping the guard and bribing him. The man seeing potential in Alerio offered him an apprenticeship working in his shop. Alerio excepted and his work began. The man (to be named latter) taught Alerio to read and write as well as many other valuable skills. Alerio eventually discovered his mentor's identity as an assassin. He was offered a place within the order and he gladly accepted.

Assassin trainingEdit

Life as an AssassinEdit


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