" Grazie, for your kindness Ezio but I must fight this battle on my own"
― Achilleo
Achilleo Alberto da Firenze
Achilleo Alberto 2
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July 1, 1463


March, 1529 (age 66)

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The Blades of White Light


Achilleo was the ancestor of Tyrone Ryder and a member of The Blades of White Light.

Early LifeEdit

Achilleo was born in the Renaissance to Assassin parents Baldassere and Abti Alberto, the Alberto and the Auditore family were good friends and Baldassere and Giovanni worked at the same bank together, so Achilleo had to stay with the Auditore while he was working which gave him time to bond with Ezio, Claudia, Petruccio and Claudia, but was good friends with Ezio Auditore da Firenze until he left to become an Assassin. When Achilleo was 5 his father and mother began training him in the ways of an Assassin. By the time Achilleo was 17 he had the skills of a Master Assassin.

As an AssassinEdit

As an Assassin Achilleo fought many, many Templars for many years. He also tried to locate some pieces of Eden but failed many times. He went on a mission with his father to fight a Templar Grand Master but it was an ambush and Baldassere was killed. Years later Achilleo killed the Grand Master and ended his pain and lust for vengeance.

Reuniting with EzioEdit

In 1481, Venice, Achilleo encountered Ezio on a mission to kill a certain Templar and then he found Ezio with the Apple of Eden, they greeted each other by hugging. And they both took down the target together, after they had killed the target Achilleo and Ezio said their goodbyes and parted once more.

Claudia's One Night StandEdit

In 1482, Achilleo travelled to Villa Auditore due to his injuries in an attempted to assassinate Giovanni Battista Cybo, Achilleo was injured and in need of assistance, Claudia helped him and attended to his wounds in her bedroom, after years of being friends the two had feelings for each other and gazed into each others eyes and kissed, the two slept together that night. In the morning they realized they only just wanted to be friends and hoped it wouldn't effect their friendship.

The Blades of White LightEdit

When Achilleo turned 28 he was a very, very skilled Assassin and earned a place in The Blades of White Light

The Axe of EdenEdit

In 1482, Achilleo found leads on finding a Piece of Eden, Achilleo jumped at the chance he went on a trail to find it. The trail led to France, there he found a Templar had the Axe. Achilleo battled the Templar and eventually won the Axe but was severely wounded but when he touched the Axe and it healed him. After he won it he realized how badly injured he was after the battle, so he decided to hide it in an Ancient Temple where no man can find it. Until Tyrone and the modern Blades of White Light

Assassination of Pope Innocent VIIIEdit

In 1492, Achilleo learned from his last failed attempt and used the Axe of Eden to defeat him, he did.

Later LifeEdit

When Achilleo was 31 he fathered a son named Carlo Alberto who would later follow in his footsteps and become an Assassin. When Achilleo was 61, he retired and eventually died in 1529


Achilleo was the ancestor of Tyrone Ryder. Tyrone only relived one memory of Achilleo (Which was his birth) due to a glitch in Abstergo's Animus.


Achilleo used a regular sword but in his time, he found the sword of legendary Assassin Umar Talik L'Ahik and used it for the rest of his days, when he died he passed down the sword to his son. Achilleo was an expert with the Crossbow due to coming from a family of good aimers. Achilleo was skilled with The Hidden Blade and had killed many of his victims with it.

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